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  1. I would give my right arm if it meant making it in this industry. Seriously.
  2. Writing for video games- Where to start?

    Adam. There are a thousand ways to go about being a writer but you essentially need only two things; A pen and a piece of paper. Write as often as you can. Write about anything and everything. Just don't stop. I would also advise you to read as much as humanly possible because I always believed that great writers are great readers. You will get inspired from the books you love and it will show in your work. Also, don't shy away from imitation. Most idea's come from other ideas anyway. Read. Write. Repeat.
  3. Name for slot machine game

    Lots Of Slots. 
  4. what do u think of this game story

    Simplicity is key. Sum up the plot in a sentence or two. The other details will develop throughout the games development.. Keep it simple, keep it concise, and keep it short. Here's an example of how a convoluted story concept can turn a player off. I will use the original Mario Bros. as an example. "You are an Italian plumber named Mario. Your love interest, the ruler of a place called The Mushroom Kingdom,Princess Peach, is kidnapped by an evil Turtle named Bowser. You must navigate your way through sewer pipes, swim through an ocean , and jump the tops of mountainous mushrooms in order to find the castle where the princess is being held hostage. Along the way you must fight evil turtles and mushrooms as well as collect special powers hidden inside bricks which you must smash with your head. You eventually destroy the evil Bowser and rescue the princess. "   Sounds absurd, right? Here is the story of Mario simplified.   "You are a plumber named Mario. The love of your life, a Princess, is kidnapped and held hostage deep somewhere deep within the sewer system. You have to save her".   That is the story of Mario simplified. Forget all the turtles and mushrooms. Make the plot simple and the rest will fall into place during development.