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  1. Real life in online game

    but sure I guess if it's developed well
  2. Real life in online game

    Go get inspired by :D
  3. Looking for people to review my game

    probably test your code before releasing an update
  4. Ideas for Game! 3D Top-Down Shooter!

    a demo or some screenshots are nice
  5. I'm stuck in my programming career

    What language is Unity?
  6. My Online RPG - Update #3

    I'd like to be apart of this project if possible :)
  7. I'm stuck in my programming career

    I feel like Gamemaker is too basic for me, and it just seems lacking. I can't get pygame to install correctly, so I can't learn that.. I'm learning web development with codecademy, but I cannot really make what I'm looking for with PHP or JavaScript. I have no idea what to use.. but I think I'm at the point now that I be dedicated to programming.    I don't really think I want to learn what people call the hardest stuff such as c and c++, but from what I see Lua and Python are CLI-only without any library such as PyGame or LOVE2D. I'm looking to build on a GUI instead of CLI, as I've exhausted my ideas with CLI games on Python..    So confused ;/   Edit: And I've also heard Java is slow as heck
  8. So I want to make an MMORPG

    I'd like to assist you in making the content of the game and possibly moderation :) I'm carter ckhawks on youtube
  9. Hey. I've been coding with python off and on for a few months, and I believe I'm ready for a graphical game, as I've just been making text based games. I always try booting up PyGame, copy and paste in a few lines of code, edit it, make a basic polygon, try to figure out how to make that polygon move, and then give up. I can never get the motivation, and I can never get the correct library, or engine, or whatever it is.. I'm also semi-experienced in Lua coding. Any recommendations on motivations, libraries,and what-not?