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    [Android][iOS] Shoujo Sniper - anime shooting game

    Okay. Thanks so much for such a quick reply back. Yeah I believe I'll give unity another try then. Iv played around with a few different dev tools before but finding the right one is tricky. Been teaching my self python at the moment but don't think it'll be able to do everything i need. Is this your first game or do you have some others i could check out?
  2. Gr33nKing4207

    [Android][iOS] Shoujo Sniper - anime shooting game

    I downloaded it a few hours ago and tried it out a little. Pretty cool. Was wondering what game engine you used? I want to make something simple and anime like for android game market also. Stumbled across this and figured I'd ask for some direction
  3. Gr33nKing4207

    Please much needed help

      If you work solo (as an independent developer, on your own game ideas), yes. You will.  But if you're talking about getting a job in the game industry, then the answer is "probably not." Its always been the dream to work on a awesome team, but primarily solo. I feel like im a decent artist I plan on trying to get my cs degree and develope my own games on the side. I've always been more interested in programming but i think i have enough artistic ability to do both. There's not a lot of game-making tool suites for OSX, unfortunately. Unity might be your only realistic option if you are stuck in OSX. There are probably a ton of lesser-known tools out there, but I don't know of them. There's also some decent portable engines (that will require far more work to turn into an actual game) that should run on OSX including a number of Web-based toolkits. As a game developer, you might find it very valuable to install a copy of Windows via BootCamp or into a virtual machine given how many Windows-specific tools there are.Unity uses JavaScript and C# (and Boo, though almost nobody uses that) as its primary extension languages. GameMaker has its own scripting language last I checked. A number of the small Open Source tools are built around Python or Lua or JavaScript. The Web tools of course use JavaScript. And of course you can write everything from scratch yourself using about any language you like. Thanks for all your help. I think im going to boot windows instead and begin learning python for the time being and get a little better grasp of programming languages. Thank you again for your help sir. Much appreciated
  4. Gr33nKing4207

    Please much needed help

    Well thank you for the reply. I do understand my dream project will be something thats going to take years to develope but Its basically my side project I plan to work on in any free time for years to come. I'm glad to be told its not unheard of tho. I plan to stick with 2D BC of timing but I'd plan to have decently long cut scenes to illustrate my game better pehabs. All these are long away of dreams though. Because I'm a noob programmer I'm concerned with how to start on my Mac instead of with windows? What programs do I need to get started with. I was learning c++ on windows with vc.
  5. Gr33nKing4207

    Please much needed help

    OK so I would love to persue my dream as a game developer but my problem is I've always been interested in both the art and programming side. Im a decent artist but iv also read a good amount about programming. My question is this. If I persue my dream of a programmer will I have full ability to create all the art content and animation as I desire and make it look as good as my ability allow me to when creating my game? I'm 21 and plan to work to words a cs degree when I find the right school. I'd like to begin creating a game portfolio asap tho and yes I know this means beginning with the basics like pong/tetris and work my way from there. I'd love to create a 2d adventure game like Zelda with great looking cut scenes and animation. Is this all unrealistic thinking for one person doing both programming and graphics and animation? Also like i said. Beginner programmer here. I was learning a little bit of c++ on windows and now I own a Mac. Where should I begin learning programming on it? I know I have Xcode for my IDE but what language should I try to learn for my particular interest? Continue with c++? I do own a copy of Michael dawsons beginning c++ threw game programming. Is this a good start? Any replies will be much appreciated in advance.
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