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  1. kiteflyingmonkey

    Why a Degree in Game Design Is a Bad Idea

    Don't know why this got so many downvotes. Programming is one of the few fields where you really can master it without getting out of bed. A degree can teach you a lot, but they aren't for everyone. One good way of getting a job in any programming field is having a relevant degree, but also having a strong portfolio is just as valid for some companies.
  2. kiteflyingmonkey

    A Brief Guide to Orchestration

  3. kiteflyingmonkey

    Grounded Pointers

    Good article. I'm pretty sure I was guilty of some of those at Uni... Not any more! RE the = and == confusion point if (numb_numbc[i] = -1) { } if you always write your constant on the left and variable on the right, then you will get an error when you accidentally miss out an = if (-1 == numb_numbc[i]) { } // correct if (-1 = numb_numbc[i]) { } // error
  4. kiteflyingmonkey

    Grounded Pointers

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