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  1. kiteflyingmonkey

    Converting password to number

    "Never roll your own crypto" http://security.stackexchange.com/questions/18197/why-shouldnt-we-roll-our-own If this is just for fun, or just for you and your friends or whatever, it's fun to learn how things work so doing your own crypto will be fine. Go ahead and use MD5 all you want. But if this is for something that is going on the internet, or for real users DO NOT make your own crypto algorithm.  EDIT: Just to add, look up scrypt as well!
  2. kiteflyingmonkey

    Battlefleet devblog

    Last part. There's some actual code in this one :-)
  3. kiteflyingmonkey

    Battlefleet devblog

    Here's part 3!
  4. kiteflyingmonkey

    Critique for first game

    Haven't had a chance to try it yet as I'm at work. Just thought I'd say those ships on the menu screen look suspiciously like Battlefleet Gothic ships ;-p Good choice!
  5. kiteflyingmonkey

    Battlefleet devblog

    The first two part of my A* Path finding explanation are up if anyone is interested: Part 1 Part 2  
  6. kiteflyingmonkey

    To aspiring indie devs

    Hello,  I didn't write this, but I just found it and thought it was interesting and slightly different to most other similarly titled posts. http://www.sagacityapp.com/folmerkelly/To%20aspiring%20indie%20devs
  7. This game is great. I've played it a few times, and have only just managed to beat the AI... Unfortunately, just as I destroyed their last building, it froze, is there meant to be a win screen or something?
  8. kiteflyingmonkey

    A Brief Guide to Orchestration

  9. Hello, I listen to music all the time and was wondering what you find helps you code/draw? When coding something that just requires doing without too much thinking, I often listen to fast music with loads going on, as it fill me with energy, something like Necrophagist, Slayer or DragonForce. When I'm doing something that requires thinking or maths I usually listen to Epic film/game scores, or Instrumental music. My maths brain finds voices distracting. I also find that listening to a themed playlist can help me get my interest for a project back. I'm listening to this Space themed playlist a lot at the moment.   I find that most importantly I need to listen to music I know, otherwise my main energy ends up being spent listening, rather than doing. But that's not always the case, some genres (cough Deathcore cough) are predictable enough that listening to new bands isn't a distraction. It would be cool to hear your suggestions. I know a lot of people listen to Trance, which is a genre I'm only just getting to grips with, any recommendations? Ps all of these are Spotify playlists, I think you should at least be able to see what's in them regardless of where you are, but I don't know, so sorry if you can't.
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