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  1. I started teaching myself C++ when I was 14 (poorly!), and then learned QBASIC, where I made my first game.  I went back to C++ with a vengeance, and "got" it. Then I moved on to modding HL2 and experimenting with DirectX 9.0c. I bought a book by Frank D. Luna called "Introduction to 3D Game Programming With DirectX 9.0c A Shader Approach", and I convinced my high school to let me do my own thing for two hours a day ^_^ So, I spent the next year going through graphics books and doing small projects. I came to college, and found myself burnt to a crisp. I took a year off of graphics because I simply couldn't focus on any of it anymore. As soon as I was able to stare at graphics code and not get a foggy head I dove back into it, and now I'm a second year majoring in CS (learning about things that aren't graphics grrrr) doing my own personal projects. Overall the experience feels so rewarding. I can't imagine not having the nights of staring at a book trying to understand how to make things appear on my monitor.
  2. Haha when I was 15 I remember laying in bed and reading that, wishing I could do something as cool   That was partly my inspiration, to try to and do that on my own, which to me meant I couldn't look at that blog until I finished the first version of this thing. Now I'm going to port it all to DirectX 11 (thank god for encapsulated graphics objects and vector data stuff, seriously thank god), and try to gleam what I can off that blog so it looks less lego and more good ;)   Reading it again now for the first time since I was 15, and damn he's good, only 30 hours too - I spent like 2 times that on mine, cause I was goofing around with all this engine stuff. Guess I have a ways to go.   If you all are curious here's my less incredible procedural city: v0.1 - Overview of project:   v0.2 - Car + Performance Update:   Once again thanks for all the advice, feels good to be doing this stuff again!
  3. Ok so it's been 10 days and not two weeks but I think it's ready to show :) I wrote a crappy engine (doing that went waaaaaaay past my comfort zone - it was awesome) and in like no time at all I wrote this little Procedural City thing.   http://imgur.com/tvWyU1F,XDVZjZ5#1   There's a current screenshot of it, I have a lot of plans for it, and it's gonna be doing some cool things soon.   Anyway it had been about a year and a half since I programmed something like that, so I figure that's why I felt so stuck in a rut.   Thanks for the advice guys!
  4.   I think you're right, I've learned more making my own projects than anything else.   I'll start doing that immediately, but in the mean time I really really REALLY want to be able to sit down and implement my own engine (that's the end goal here). To piece one together piece by piece through making more and more ambitious games will take forever.   I'm not shrugging off your advice, as soon as I finish typing this I'm going to get to work on it, but if there was a more direct method short of retyping engine code to learn explicitly how to make an engine that would be awesome.   EDIT: Nevermind, had an idea for something I want to build, so I'll see you all in like two weeks :)
  5. About 2 years ago I bought McShaffry's Game Coding Complete, and it was too high level for me at the time. I bought Dr. Frank Luna's Intro to 3-D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0c, and it was perfect. It showed me how to do a simple game loop, and make some simple 2-D games.   So here I am now, looking to pick up the hobby again - where do I go from here?   I tried to get back into Game Coding Complete, and while I understand all the concepts he mentions - I just don't know where to start implementing it. Before I got bored and walked away a couple years ago, I tried to implement it but got stuck while trying to make some sort of omnipresent event manager/system.   I know I could make a game class, with a graphics object, a sound object, and an input object and from there make some blob-class game like I usually do, but I want to know how to make something with a bit more structure.   I've modded all over the source engine as practice, just to get more of a feel of what the implementation looks like. I'm just in this purgatory where I know exactly what is happening in Game Coding Complete, but I just don't know how to implement it on my own.   I'm going to spend the next few weeks examining source code from other engines (including the Game Coding Complete engine), but I'd really love it if there was a book that could pick up where Introduction to 3-D Game Programming with Direct X 9.0 left off.   Thanks in advance!  
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