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  1. Jan2go

    Cry Engine Startup Crash

    Does your card support DX11? The 4800 series is quite old already, so it might be that it only supports DX10(.1) which could explain the problem.
  2. Jan2go

    Vulkan is Next-Gen OpenGL

    Let the fun begin.
  3. What kind of position is it? Junior or something higher?
  4. Jan2go

    How should I prepare for a 3-days C++ test ?

      I wish it's like what @Jan2Go just said, I heard they have a 10-days test that someone did in like 10 hours or so, but your opinion was unexpected reply .. really Depending on how far you've come with the interview process, frob's opinion might not be that "unexpected". While I was applying for my current job I had another application sent out to another company. This other company told me during the phone interview, that the next step of there interview process would be a two-day onsite "test". I never found out how this would look like as I accepted the offer for my current job the day after that interview. However I don't think (i.e. I don't hope so, for both them and the applicant) that they would just place a candidate in front of a problem for two days, but instead want to see how that person is able to communicate with and integrate into the group. Which would basically be the same as what was done during the onsite interview for my job, but this one was only about five hours long. Anyway, I interpreted your opening post in a way that this test will be the first part of the interview process. If that is the case, you probably won't be working on the test the whole time.
  5. Jan2go

    How should I prepare for a 3-days C++ test ?

    I think that they will just send him a test and want his results within three days. That would be exactly the same as my test at my current employer was. I got some code and had make it compile as well as fix logical errors and improve the performance. In total I probably spent about 5-6 hours on it before sending it back. They simply gave me three days to do it in case I had other things to do during that time. As for preparation, I don't know if you can really prepare if you don't know how the test will look like. You should make sure that all your tools are working and you know how to use them.
  6. Most companies have a career section on their website. There you can find information about open internships or, if none is listed, an email address where you could ask if they are offering internships (some companies might not do that at all).
  7. You can use file.seekg(0) to move your input position back to the beginning of the file.
  8. Jan2go

    String replacing

    std::string has a replace function. You will have to find the position(s) of the text you want to replace first using one of the find funtions. edit: Ninja'd.  Brother Bob's version required C++11 and I would recommend you use his version if you can. It looks cleaner than using std::string's replace, especially if you need to take care of multiple occurrences of the replaced text.
  9. Jan2go

    The site is still working for me. According to the OpenDNS CacheCheck the URL is pointing to two different IPs, depending on where you are located. Perhaps the website is getting moved to another server or something like that.
  10. You could get rid of the if(mCurrentMenuItem == x) stuff by using ternary operators like this: mD3d.mD3dFont.PrintLarge("Some text", startMenuX, startMenuY + x * offsetMenuItem, mCurrentMenuItem == x ? selectedCol : defCol);And you can also reduce the amount of code by adding all your string into a list and then iterate over it, so you only need the print code once.
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