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  1. Feudal Alloy menu.png

    I like the art style!
  2. AstroShift

    AstroShift is a unique 2D space shooter, where your ship's destruction doesn't mean death - the explosion ejects you into space, and you have to find another ship before your air runs out. There are 30 different ships - each with different specs and weapons - to take on the invading forces and run them out of your system. Trailer: https://youtu.be/qE8JOpISKyo
  3. Keep in mind also that you can 'take classes' on the internet, watching or reading tutorials. This way, you can learn at a faster pace, and not that of the class. I learn better by doing, so I learned to program by making a game in Game Maker, learning from Youtube tutorials and message boards. If you want to learn a skill, this is good. If you want to do something in game dev where a degree is more important, then I'd recommed school classes.
  4. I'm starting as an indie ! Any advices ?

    I'd agree that exposure is key; You may get feedback on things that people dislike in what you have so far, or what they think is awesome and want to see more of. If you put out a cool game, but no one knows about it, it will be like a drop of water in the ocean.
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