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  1. There are many different models advertisers choose to pay for the ads: per click (CPC), per install (CPI), per 1000 impressions (CPM). Also, since I work for ad network, there are ways to track suspicious traffic coming from e.x. 1 user over a short period of time. This kind of fraud behaviour can be very easily discovered and.. lets say prevented from happening further hehe. So yea, there's a big chance of getting caught. But if you're looking for ways to monetize your app's traffic without a hustle the easiest model nowadays is pay per download (PPD), so you get paid for your app being downloaded from app store and installed on a device. You can read more here.
  2. Hi Guys,  just wanted to let you know about the referral program that we are currently running in AppFlood:   What Is It? AppFlood is a free to join cross-promotion traffic-exchange ad network for app developers and publishers. (whew). In short: we help to monetize apps. Our characteristics is Transparency and Flexibility. We are placed in Beijing and carry out extensive expertise and help monetize apps in China as well.    Referral Program It enables you to earn 5% commission for each app dev who joins our network through the link you provide. Once you create a referral account you get a URL that you can post on your social networks. When someone clicks on the link, they get a cookie that tells us who referred them. The cookie is valid for 60 days, so if they sign up in that time, you earn whenever they do.   Free! The referral program is free to join and it only takes minutes to create an account and off you go to start earning money. The more people you get to sign up, the more you earn!   How to Earn? -Display a banner on your blog or web site -Put the URL in your signature on forums -Email AppFlood info to your friends who might be interested.   More info at: http://appflood.com/a/earning-money-by-referring-publishers Sign up here: http://appflood.com/referral/     Contact me if you need more info!
  3. vern1204

    Hobbies for game developers

    Board games and cards! - nearly as addictive as cyberspace entertainment. As for daily routine I always find walks a great way to relax, clear the mind and refresh after a long day. I've been trying to get into reading regularly but this seem not to work well with freshly downloaded new episodes of fav tv series ;)
  4. vern1204

    what do u think of this game story

    I kinda got lost of what's going on in the middle of the story. It's good and really interesting and I can tell you have given it quite a thought but I agree that you need to keep things simple, maybe finding a middle way is a good piece of advise? I personally like having a vivid lore that evolves around the whole point of the game. I guess it all depends on the genre and your audience: when it comes to a simple platform game, simplicity is the key, but proper mmorpg players may expect the story to evolve, and later to build up with time. Good luck!
  5. vern1204

    Help me decide on a theme

    I would go with steampunk as well. Not only that it gets more popular recently, but also opens up a lot of interesting possibilities for your project. For some reason I find all that's dark/gloomy/magical very appealing lately. Btw, do you know a game called Machinarium? :)
  6. I find the idea really good and I like how you present it on Kickstarter. I think I played a similar game with the castle floating in the sky as well and really enjoyed it. The art and game design is interesting, the only thing I found a little mismatched is the poster - although I love it, it doesn't really match the game content (e.x. the colours are totally different in the game itself). Hence, I feel like the poster could reveal more of the character of the game to attract the players. Great project! Congratulations for getting this far and will keep my fingers crossed once you launch it on Kickstarter.
  7. vern1204

    question regarding resume

    The info seems alright so far. You are going make it look good in like InDesign right?   Ad1. Yes. As for your portfolio - Im not sure how it's going to look like, but as long as you make it really interesting, vibrant but also clear and professional, I guess it would be a good idea to list it as well.   In my Resume I also had a short paragraph about my interests: 2/3 sentences at the bottom of the page. It made Resume more 'personal'. This way your potential employer would get a sense of what kind of person you really are. Mentioning e.x. a project that you're most proud of, within the interests part could reassure someone who reads it that you're really into what you learned/studied. Good luck!
  8. vern1204

    Trees, and working on a new animation system

    Some great talent here. Congrats and good luck!
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