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  1. Can anyone tell me what code to use in Unity for touch buttons in Android?   i have made a directional pad. 4 arrow buttons. Up, down, Right, Left.   i brought the 4 image arrows in as canvas image elements names UpImage, DownImage, RightImage and LeftImage. I put the target on them and applied a button component to them.. but i just don't know how to code them to work with touch on android to do the the same functions as the pc keys counterpart (if you were playing on pc ): using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Player : MonoBehaviour { public float SPEED = 0.25f; void FixedUpdate() { var pos = transform.position; if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.LeftArrow)) { pos.x -= SPEED; } if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.RightArrow)) { pos.x += SPEED; } if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.UpArrow)) { pos.y += SPEED; } if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.DownArrow)) { pos.y -= SPEED; } transform.position = pos; } } Can you assist?   Thanks so much   -Line
  2. Line

    The Calling Conventions of gamdev.net Members

    // slicer4ever: Doesn't respond when you ask him if his name has something to do with the game Bioshock.
  3. Line

    The Week of awesome II - The judge Thread!

    @Slicer, is it only when the full 170 reviews are complete that any points and notes will be placed? Also, can you give me that link again to last years awarded points/critiques so i can see what was said to the participants?
  4. Line

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    Here ya go judges! As much of the Final game we're able to give from team Moonlit House.   Moonlit House link journal: http://moonlithouse.com/   Direct link: to game: http://moonlithouse.com/thetoysarealive/   -Line & ConMi
  5. Line

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    Hey all,  New art updates with storyboard/game etc.    Checking in on this thread, are people saying the deadline is extended or is it just specified to a particular time zone? I'm on the Eastern part of the US. Is it Midnight New York time or California time or something else?   http://moonlithouse.com/
  6. Line

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    Update:    Level 1 Graphics Completed    http://moonlithouse.com/
  7. Line

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    Slight updates from me today:  http://moonlithouse.com/ -Line
  8. Line

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    My day 1 notes are now up at http://moonlithouse.com/ I may add more to this plus more work to show if I have the energy. I stayed up late last night until about 3-4 am EST. Thanks GameDev.net! LOL -Line Moonlit House
  9. @EyalD, I think it says in the rules you can join any time till the last day.    @Judges: updated blog with first news on the competition and production on my team page at http://www.MoonlitHouse.com
  10. I asked to be added but didnt put my team name or url. The team name is Moonlit House and the url is MoonlitHouse.com
  11. Hi! Please add me as an entrant   -Line
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