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  1. WARNING:   THIS IS NOT A FLAME POST THAT OFFENDS ANYOBODY. THIS IS JUST BRINGING AN AWARNESS TO SOMETHING WRONG IN THE GAMING INDUSTRY. DON'T SHOOT ME.   [edit] This is basically a slander post (you are flaming and offending the person that you're slandering!) so I'm going to do you a favor and take it down.
  2. Glad to know its going well :D!  Oh and i did increase the mouse sensitivity but when i attack and swipe the mouse the sword takes a bit more longer for the sword to move than the previous version. I will play any updated version of your game so expect more updates from me when you release a new version .
  3. Feed Back:   Overall this version is very well made and a lot of key issues have been fixed however there are still some problems:   - When you attack with your sword vertically, sometimes you parry instead of hitting the A.I and sometimes even though the A.I blocked your move you can still do damage to it if you slash vertically even if the A.I blocked it. However, this doesn't happen very often, it probably happens 20% of the time.   - The sword swinging feels a lot more slower and sluggish compared to previous versions which felt very crisp and responsive.   What I liked:   - Fairly challenging A.I.   - No Universal Parry.   - Different Enemies with different weapons.   - Punishment if the player tries to spam too much.   - Parrying is a lot more better and requires good accuracy to prevent being hit.   What I Think needs to be improved:   - Attacking should be more crisp and responsive.   - Vertical Slash needs a little work.   Overall: Its certainly a big improvement and works very well. I think after you fix some issues you should polish the animations a little bit. And maybe add some models :D. Just kidding about the models its way too early at this stage. But yes its coming along very well.
  4. Great! I will test this out fully .
  5. Thanks I will check those out!
  6. Yes i know what you mean i like being able to start with my project as soon as possible because ever since i've relearned C# i became very impatient and just wanted to mess around with Unity.   Than you very much for your help Gian-Reto!
  7. Thanks I will definitely check them out and would you say that the Unity tutorials are sufficient enough to learn Unity 3D?
  8. Thanks a lot Gian-Reto! Your post was very informative and helps me understand Unity a little bit more. For now i just want to experiment with things 2D game related and create a 2D game. Later on i would love to create a 3D Stealth game so i think i would have to learn some physics.
  9. Thanks Dan! Would you say the Unity tutorials are sufficient enough to get you started with it.
  10. Thanks! I was really confused on where to learn about stuff like that. I saw a book called game coding complete. Does it contain the information about timing and etc.?
  11. I see, but where would i find those? Because i am very confused on how you would program a game's movement.
  12. Along with programming, do you have to understand a good amount of physics such as velocity,friction and etc. to make a 2D game with it?   EDIT for mods: Sorry can you move this to the API section please thanks.
  13. Glad to know its going well :) . Oh and i think i may know how to fix the parry mechanic, wouldn't it be a better idea to have button that puts you in a block stance, but still makes you vulnerable  and to parry an attack you have to be in the block stance and swipe the mouse forward while the enemy attacks?   The enemy could have a block breaker if the player is always blocking. Also i think that when a battle with an enemy starts it should go to a separate battle arena and after the battle ends it could go back to the exploration so that the meaty core of the game isn't changed due to the combat.
  14. Can't believe i missed this update but I've played it and here are my thoughts on it:   What i liked: - A.I is more challenging and most of the time deflects/parries your attacks. - The sword control is more improved especially thanks to options. - Spamming while possible, is very unlikely to happen consecutively.   What needs to be improved: - The Parry exploit, i found a new one:   If i stay in this position all attacks can be blocked.       Overall:   This mechanic is coming along smoothly and is progressing very well. If you get the exploit/exploits fixed then this mechanic should work as intended.   Advice:   I know a little bit about gamebooks so sorry if get things wrong and please correct if i am wrong.   I think i know what you mean with you being concerned with this mechanic out of place. What i would say is, make the mechanic and exploration work smoothly along with each other.   Make the exploration with a camera angle that is similar to the combat and make the exploration kind of similar to a dungeon crawler like Phantasy Star so that say when a door opens and an enemy appears make the screen fade to a different battle arena which you fight with the monster/monsters and i would suggest making the movement more slower and more tight during the battle.   Also i think you should add more things such as spells,skills etc. which would make it more RPG-like and say to select items or skills you have this Kingdom Hearts like menu . So say you're in battle and you want to use a magic spell.   You have three bars at the top of your screen: 1)Magic. 2)Item. 3)Skill.   And you're fighting and want to use one of three commands, you could do it like this:   - Press 1 to open up magic. - Use the mouse wheel to select one of the spells you want to use. - Press 1 to confirm it.   Also you could have a dice that rolls each match to get a bonus stat upgrade such as ATK or increase the chances to find rare items that may be hidden in some of the places you visit.   The only thing is i don't how exploration will work in your game.