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  1. Website: http://zachpetersendev.com/ I'd like to find an entry level job as a Gameplay Programmer, Technical Designer, or AI programmer. Questions: Visuals too overwhelming? Any categories/projects that should be dropped? Should add links to code samples? Or maybe github repos when applicable? Project descriptions good length/tone/content? Too general? Should focus more on one role? Any other advice greatly appreciated!
  2. felix129

    Portfolio Review

    Hi, thanks that is great suggestion. I will get on that!
  3. felix129

    Portfolio Review

    Hi, I'm looking for critique on my portfolio/resume. Trying to go for "show not tell". Here is the link: zachpetersendev.com/game-dev   Thanks!
  4. felix129

    Programmer Portfolio Website Feedback

    Thanks for this reply! I can tell that you took an in depth look at my site and I think that this is really useful feedback!
  5. Hi, I am hoping to get some feedback on the portfolio website I have been working on.     -A few points   I'm trying to go for the "show not tell" style, if it's not coming off that way I would appreciate it if you could let me know.   i have not posted very much sample code at this point, I'm considering either putting up more code that I wrote specifically for my projects or putting up code that I wrote for general concepts like data structures and algorithms. Or maybe both. Feedback would be very welcome.   I'd like the opportunity to work at a small or medium sized developer more so than a large developer.   I'd likely be applying for Intern positions since I am still at school.   My website: http://people.ucsc.edu/~zpeterse/     Thanks very much for your time, I really appreciate it. -Zach
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