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  1. Design of AI for my Game

    @LorenzoGatti  for the first point - answer is no. Coins are moving towards the direction of player and there is a vertical movement which will decide if a player will come in contact with the coin or not.    for point 2  - easier decision is choosing which direction to move ? Would that be possible to design ? As am restricting directions to just up and down. (decision in my hands)   Point 3 - Tht looks like a gud suggestion too, but it looks like we are doing most of the work there :)   @IADaveMark  Yes, I am attempting this project just to learn and get some practical experience on application of AI to Games. Am developing the game and trying to apply AI to the mainPlayer. ML approach need not necessarily be Neural Networks, but i thought its a decent choice. Correct me if am wrong there.    Thanks 
  2. Design of AI for my Game

    Thanks . I will try that approach. 
  3. I am trying out a project for applying Neural Network in my game.   Game has a player who can move either up or down.   Objects: Coins which move in constant velocity towards the direction of a player and moves past if he doesnt catch   Coins generated in a random way originating from random spots    Output: On whether the player should move up or down   Input:  This is where am having troubles. Since the number of coins in screen and its position are going to be varying, i dont think that can be applied as input. I would like to know how to approach inputs in this ? Any similar articles where this is applied will help too.  Thanks