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  1. My MMORPG Project: Meridian Core Online

    Here's the latest character concept (work in progress)  
  2. Looks fantastic so far. Keep on keepin' on.
  3. Anyone working on a Sci-Fi based game?

    I"ve been working on a sci-fi MMORPG.   Here's a couple of screens. The character will eventually have legit hair btw.  
  4. Hey everyone,   For the past three years I've been working with my best friend on developing an MMORPG. We've got 90% of the back end stuff finished at this point and have finally gotten to a place where we can start adding content (character models, environments, 3d assets etc.) Just thought I'd post our current progress here.   The name of the game is Meridian Core Online and our official page can be viewed at   We're going to try to be ready for an Alpha release in 6-9 months. That about covers the basics.   Thanks for viewing.