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  1. shakazed

    i wrote how to create an ai!

    Ah c'mon stop bashing, it's way better to just tell him where his theory is failing rather than dumping all this crap on the forum.
  2. shakazed

    About pooping

    Of course I put toilet paper in first :D
  3. shakazed

    New to DX, SDK Tutorial Questions

    Basically what you are doing in that tutorial is creating a triangle that's already tranformed to 2D-screen coordinates, in the later tutorials you will learn how to use world/view/projection-matrices which will clear some things up for ya. rhw indicated that it´s already transformed coordinates. (Actually it´s the inverted w-value for homogenous coordinates) You can use D3DCOLOR_XRGB(R,G,B) instead of hex-values, it´s somewhat easier to read. Though the hex values represent the Alpha, Red, Green, blue values. 0xffff0000 = A=FF, R=FF, G=00, B=00
  4. shakazed

    The best demos

    Bermuda Syndrome on my 486. Was the only somewhat advanced game that the computer ran. It´s like Flashback if you remember it.
  5. shakazed

    F.E.A.R. Demo

    Got that "security module" error at first. But then turned off anti-blaxx and daemon and it worked. Ran like crap on my system though. AMD 2.2GHz, 512 RAM (prolly the ram that fubar:ed it) 9800 256Mb.
  6. shakazed

    OMG I have a girlfriend!

    I liek my girlfriend
  7. shakazed

    Have you ever written a complete game?

    Pong and Tic Tac Toe Mostly I just try out different D3D effects or techniques.
  8. shakazed

    I made it !!, step nr1

    Sweet stuff! CompSci student in Borlänge Sweden here, I´ve chosen to read alot of game programm...isch courses (Alot of programming, OpenGL, AI, Fuzzy logic and neural nets). Good luck to the lot of ya, meybe we´ll see eachother in E3 in the future :D
  9. shakazed

    About remove toothed edge...

    Clicky There you have some info about anti-aliasing.
  10. shakazed

    Movies like 'Hero' - Please explain

    I would say they were trying to portray the martial arts as something beautiful.
  11. shakazed

    This is not a request!

    Best god damn sci-fi out there.
  12. shakazed

    Does God hate me?

    Sweden rules......just so you know. And why hate ppl when you can hug instead.
  13. shakazed

    I got thrown out of a store!

    I got arrested for being black on a Friday night.
  14. Hiya! Trying to brush up on some olde VB skills. Went over to .net and was wondering how I can make for example a global winsock control. Need it to be accessible from all of my forms. Thanks in advance.
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