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  1. Andrew Augustin's Art Thread

      Thanks Godmil for taking a look at my art :)
  2. Andrew Augustin's Art Thread

    Hi my name is Andrew Augustin, I have been drawing all my life and it is my passion as well as designing games. I've been working on videos games since 2011 I am mostly an HTML5 game developer but i have worked on games for EA for xbox 360 and ps3 I create my art using pencil, inks and paper. Then I scan into photoshop to color.    If you are an artist needing help with any tips, feel free to ask. I am still learning as well but I will try my best to help you out   my personal games:   Super Ubie Land - HTML5   [media][/media]         Up Up Ubi - iOS   [media][/media]   Currently working on a game called Team Notion - HTML5   [media][/media]     Sushizoo - HTML5