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  1. Hello. I'll start explaining my core game concept and I would be appreciated if help me understand and how to implement such functionality. ill be using DirectX 9 by the way. my game is top-down style game with 8 movement direction(like Hotline Miami), the player will be controlling a mining space ship or a robot with a drill attached to it. the player will fly around and drill through the asteroids to gather resources. the stage cleared if the player meets the job quota. I want the player to have free movement control while digging through the asteroid. I have been searching for polygon/texture dividing or splitting with little result. I have also been trying to implementing Pixel perfect collision detection based on this article but I seem to hit a wall, it seems to be that SPRITE class isn't recognizable in DirectX 9. the effect I'm trying to create is smaller to terrain destruction from the game worms or lemmings. here is a demonstration of the effect made with GameMaker. https://forum.yoyogames.com/index.php?threads/solved-lemmings-style-destructable-terrain.26288/
  2. sorry if my english is bad but ill do my best, i want to hear everyone opinion for this matter  currently living in japan and i do have the option to go technical college or university,i do have basic knowledge of C++ and using Blender but they are all self taught, i did go to a lot of open camps for both technical college and university most of not all university here in japan only offer computer science study and a lot of them are too advances to tell the true and have little to no forces on video game, as for technical college, there is a lot of college that specially on video game with official SDK but i feel i just be "one of the many who enrolled into one but have no degree or a job"  since i don't know what are the standard requirement for working in the video game industry     so here is my question what is more favorable to have for my video game career, working experience i can get with college or a degree in computer science from a university
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