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  1. Hey guys! I deeply apology for not answering but I got on vacation and it's quite hard to answer on the phone, I'll keep working on my engine. And I'll probably change to vs 2013 or other ide. One of the reasons I might think it twice is because older version usually have more complete documentation.
  2. Ah, silly me, I honestly had no idea, at least setting up 2013 will be easier thing to do. Thanks :).     Well this is 1997 for me then, since I'm at 0's right now haha. Also I'm very thankful for the OpenGEX tip Lengyel, and as I said I read your book a while ago but will check it out again. I have a very deep sense of reality and don't really plan on doing something too complex that exceeds my current abilities. But I don't want to do something too simple either. Either way, main purpose is to learn the basics of gamedev pipeline and to improve my C++.  
  3. Great feedback everyone, no wonder why this is favorite forum :) . Sorry for not to answer earlier, I decided to use visual studio 2012 for an IDE after like 1 year not using it and took me a while to properly recompile SFML to use it there, but so far it looks great. I'll check the Game coding one first then. Already read a bit of Lengyel's book when I entered college, although at that time even the depth buffer seemed alien to me, so I'll give it another try.   Thanks for the advice Satharis!, that's exactly my plan :) I want to focus mainly on graphics, starting with basic transformations and build up from that. The main learning focus I want to have are: Phase 1:  Graphics(Render, Transformations) Basic input detection (arrow keys) Object Instantiation Phase 2: Shaders (This might look optional but I'm incredibly interested to learn these) Basic Physics (Gravity) Phase 3: Collision Detection (Might consider putting this on phase 2, not sure yet) I want to leave it at there for now to avoid getting overwhelmed, but other things I want to implement (That are way off the current scope, but would be nice to learn): Network (Maybe just a chat n' stuff) Scripting Implementation (Taking a compilers class on college, if it is good enough I might consider implementing this in 6 months) Mobile Porting (I'm incredibly certain this is harder than all of the above together, but I might be wrong). Fbx or Obj import. (Would be nice to import my maya models) Basic IA and super basic procedural generation. Oculus implementation. The Game I have in mind to test this engine is sort of a mario 64 style platformer, nothing too fancy. Fun is a big factor! I love to enter my "code obsessed" state, and the fact that I'm going to fight a shit ton of math looks incredibly rewarding (My 3d math classes were given by an incredibly boring professor and my 3d graphics professor had the marvelous idea of giving us WebGL instead of OpenGL, which might have been good if he had some idea of what he was doing.)  I'll keep you updated if I can on the design as a whole :) .  
  4. Thanks servant, these looks well documented, gonnay give it a try now. :)
  5. Hey everyone! How's it going? First of all this is not the standard post of "I want to do my game engine because pro people do it". I'm starting a game company that relies heavily on Unity and C# and that's perfectly fine for me, but I want to understand a little bit more of the metal involved. Developing my own engine will be a side and personal project for me, I'm not planning to develop a particular complex game with it. I already have a medium understanding of C++ and programming in general, but nehe tutorial seems a bit far in time (early 2000), and glaux is already deprecated.    So my questions are: - What is the current popular gl library?  glut? or should I limit myself to direct3D? - A good, updated book on general engine programming? (Not physics or math, but more of a windows api implementation and stuff). - Have you guys tried doing this? What tips can you give me in technical terms? - Is there a super basic game engine I can start with? I've tried cocos but it's too complex for what I want to achieve.   Thanks in advance, specially for not laughing.  
  6. Manuel Otheo

    Tutorial Series

    I might be wrong here, but I think the majority of people in the gamedev forums are mainly programmers, so the very, very, VERY basics might be a good theme to cover :P.   But yeah, count me in, I'm very interested.
  7. Manuel Otheo

    The Week of Awesome II - Unnofficial After Party

    Hey guys! Am I late for the party? :P.   So I made my usual spanish post-mortem, might consider doing an english version aswell.   http://unjuegoalavez.wordpress.com/2014/09/30/la-noche-de-los-juguetes-vivientes-post-mortem/   I want to thank you slicer and anyone else that made this jam, it was my first jam and the first game I fell was good enough to show my friends. :P   I've just played 2 or 3 games (namely orymus and 2 others) but will end up playing the rest today.   Looking forward for the next Jam! (Are there any  others you guys know of? this is kind of addictive :P)
  8. Manuel Otheo

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    Am I still on time to upload? I heard there have been some issues with my download, will reupload it.   Here's the link (Ah yeah, the game is for Windows):   The Night Of The Living Toys     https://www.dropbox.com/s/jbiindg1n2qfjto/LivingToys1.3.zip?dl=0     I just woke up so I'm in a bit of a rush I guess haha, hopefully I can make a video.   Edit as of 11:44: Here's a small video! hope you enjoy it!  
  9. Manuel Otheo

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    Hey storm (:, I already posted version 1.2 a few hours ago, here's the link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/qm4csoi3m4z7eh1/LivingToys1.2.zip?dl=0   And yup, that's the final version, with sparkles, cakes and awesomeness :P
  10. Manuel Otheo

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    FINAL BUILD IS FRIGGIN HERE!... so uhm yeah here it is:   https://www.dropbox.com/s/qm4csoi3m4z7eh1/LivingToys1.2.zip?dl=0   I will consider making a video after the competition has ended, but for now I haven't seen my bed in like 40 hours so yeah, I think i'll go check her out.
  11. Manuel Otheo

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    Hey guys! nothing new to say except that your posts are great! Keep up the good work! We can do this.   http://unjuegoalavez.wordpress.com/2014/09/28/la-noche-de-los-juguetes-vivientes-capitulo-iv-o-empiezan-las-alucinaciones/   Hopefully I can do my 5th blog post in a few hours (Post-Mortem, perhaps?)
  12. Manuel Otheo

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    Well I haven't slept in two days and I'm not sure if I'll be able to mantain myself awake.   I any case, here's what I've come up with so far. In case I can't finish I guess that's my entry haha.   (Sorry for the weight, my partner tends to stack alot of assets in the project, I'll see what I can clean)   https://www.dropbox.com/s/669m24jcuh8i5dq/LivingToys_1.1.zip?dl=0  
  13. Manuel Otheo

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    Spanish poster here! Today was kind of lazy due to school, but here you can have some pie (post incredibly energic) :P   http://unjuegoalavez.wordpress.com/2014/09/26/la-noche-de-los-juguetes-vivientes-capitulo-iii/
  14. Manuel Otheo

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    Hey guys! Great job everyone. So today we had a huge advance, working from 8 am till  8pm.   Although the blog is in spanish, there are some images. Here is a sneak peek:     http://unjuegoalavez.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/la-noche-de-los-juguetes-vivientes-capitulo-ii/
  15. Manuel Otheo

    The Week of awesome II - The competition Thread!

    Hey guys! Intensive week so far! In case anyone here is spanish speaker, you can have a look at my blog, I'll be updating it over the week.   http://unjuegoalavez.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/la-noche-de-los-juguetes-vivientes-capitulo-i/   PD: Remember, I warned you that the blog is in Spanish. :P   Have fun everyone!
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