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  1.   Often in rogueliikes randome elements are just those who piss the player off.   If you want an example provide a concrete problem, and lets see if there is a possible solution. You cant just ask for a generic example since crits arent necessarly needed per se.
  2.   This seems a quote from 20 years ago, games evolved, players evolved most of all. Crits are plain, bad, there is no surprise only frustration, sure overcoming odds is fun, but crits are not odd, good developers present odds in form of many enemies, stronger enemies, powerfull abilities, not extreme RNG, thats very bad designing.   Also associating variety to crits make me laugh, to have variaties create many races, many abilities, a strong AI that use every trick, not just an autoattacking AI that sometimes make so powerful crits the player either dies or is just forced to play run etc.   Sure its a cheap way, in fact crits always existed and only nowadays they are slowly disappearing cause smart developers understood how bad and frustrating and unrewarding they are and found better ways to reward players without punishing for too bad RNG.
  3. Yeah but how that translate into "fun" ?
  4. How are crits messing the interface?   Anyway yeah, it is better to avoid crits like it was pox if you prefer, thre are many other stats to use, and ways to spice up the combat.
  5. First of all crits is a shit useless mechanic and developer should understand it. Some already did, most didnt yet, but they will eventually.   If you want to persist with using such a outdated and bad mechanic there are many solutions to smooth it, like for example making crit multiplier very low and chance high, with 30% crit bonus and 30 % crit chance, it deosnt feel at all you died for RNG, if you have 12 hp and you face an enemy that hits for 10 with 30% crit chance you try to avoid getting hit, if you do you know you have high chance of dying. Still it is a wrong and bad mechanics and you should just avoid crits altogether.   Another decent use of crits is using a ratio like in WOW, where ppl have much more hp than a single hit, lets make some number, even with high multiplier like 3x if you hit for 100 (300 crit then) but ppl on average has 5k hp then it doesnt feel much like RNG, you know sometimes you will crit and you know it usually wont matter, ofc there is gonna be some edge case where you have 299 hp against a guy with 5 % crit and that crit will kill you and make you mad. The advantage of thi approach is that crits mantain their emotional impact since they are huge and "rewarding" compared to the previous.
  6. The big question I need help to answer is if making the starfield move or not.   The problem I have is that with a static starfield the game feels too empty, I can't explain it better but fixing the background only the ships, shoots, explosions and some base feels too few to fill the screen. Making the starfield move feels a lot unrealistic and wrong but on the other end it makes a sense of general movement, and with the same elements it gives a better feeling of completeness overall.   I studied many other games and they don't seem (imo) to have found any better solution, some fill the background with asteroids and crap, but I really dislike that both as realism (there aren't that many asteroids c'mon) and as boringness (really too many in some game), some have many planets which imo is equally ridicolous, I mean one planet is ok, maybe 1 moon but if you put too many if feels really forced. Something I remember working quite nice visually had some human made background constructions, like starbases, some buidings had a sort of iceberg view that made the "playable part" be small and close and a bigger part feel like a background. This was great, only it would require a lot of money and/or time to make.   Any other idea to help fill the world with "background" ideas different from asteroids and or a way to make the starfield work?
  7. i dont get why that solution doesnt appeal you   in a normal 4x there arent really many entities so you are free to add whatever wasted component you like, its not gonna make the game heavy and on the other end its gonna simplify things a lot   so unless you have a good reason not to do it, just do it...
  8. dworm

    Card game Class Structure

    you sort of have to use delegates and event (talking c# dunno other languages how manage this stuff)and or a derivative from entity component imo suits this very well   this way each card has just a field (or a list of) which adds an event when the card is played/tapped or anything else   i would use a sort of EC system to split in even more simpler fuctions so you build each card just by adding simpler effects like "deal n damage when tapped" "draw 2 cards when killed" and so on
  9. dworm

    GUI Ideas for a Tower Defense Game

    best way is a menu somewhere with all towers types you click on the type you prefer and then "drag" that transparent tower around the map until you click to place it (or rotate or anything)   then it depends how many features your game has, if many (like towers, research, spells, whatever else) maybe just a icon for all towers, if not maybe all small towers icon in a row/column which is faster to use   for the towers upgrade its super easy, just make them selectable and when selected you make a small ui pop up with an upgrade icon, maybe delete or move if the game allows it and maybe a small windows with towers stats, a few bars representing its power/range or what is relevant for thte game
  10. dworm

    How is tagging achieved?

      do you have some advanced ECS material? my problem is when using it with complicated  games it seems to me each system has to call too many of other systems/entities and i dont get how to get around this   ie: a uni moving should only use movement component but lets assume it is wearing boots so should check for equip component and then there is a enemy snaring it so should check debuffs or enemies but then movement is dependant on terrain so in the end it seems to me you cant reallly make a system work with its own component only
  11. dworm

    Looking to give back

    since there are so many tutorials and stuff on programming itself id say B or something about design, release etc
  12. sry guys but he doesnt say final release in a year but *working alpha* (yeah the title is slightly misleading)   yeah i think its totally possible to release a alpha in a year even in 2 not much experienced ppl, the only problem is art which he can buy or use placeholders found free online or ask around for help etc etc   sure its something he probably wont monetize like he hopes to but you never know
  13. dworm

    Component Based Architecture

      they dont talk much about that cause its general consensus to not use the component system everywhere, and use where it is mainly funcional, for example large collision systems   so they system knows only a lot of position components and doesnt care about the many other info, like their textures, who is moving them, their HP and so on, here component is very efficient   there are even possible system where the component methodology isnt very efficient at all, like some kind of ai etc   you just have to adapt your game to your needs not follow brainless a system you read about   that said after i implemented an entity component system in my game its very very handy, manipolating data its much much easier and also being my game a rpg its less headache to add new items, proprieties, equipment and spells with strange behaviours etc etc   just try it out and dont worry too much, if something seems too hard or not worth, keep your old model and use that
  14. dworm

    MMO Programming

    tbh the most flaws are conceptual   im a parent, why would i let my son of 10 join this MMO? mmos are bad community even at 20 surely i would be stupid to buy this MASSIVE game for my children.. not to consider that a low age online game would be impossible to defend against predator and not necessarly adult predator, even a 16 yo is a predator to a 8 yo   last but not least the most common problem in online games is bullism and even here, i wouldnt put my young son in a place where he can be bullied even more
  15. dworm

    isnt XNA dead?

      yeah you are missing the part where  a starting indie team will hardly need to make a call of duty level of 3d game   also even esperienced team might prefer to keep workign on something they know well and is easy and fast to develop...
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