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  1. FREE App of the week

    Our 1st children's app Abigail's Tales: First Day is free this week for iOS, if you have kids ages 6 thru 8 give it a try. Features Whimsical soundtrack Narrated by the author, Melissa La Manna 26 pages of lively and colorful illustrations Word highlighting for beginning readers Move between pages with swiping gesture or by selecting a page Fun, developmental activities to boost language skills (i.e., “match” and “opposites” game) Adaptive game levels system that gets harder as your child improves Multiple settings to customize the App for your child’s reading experience
  2. PROMO Codes

    We would like to give out promo codes for our children's app Abigail's Tales: First Day Butterflies, tailored towards kids ages 6 thru 8. If you have children and want a code please message us at info@dabsterent.com the app looks best on iPad.
  3. Unity Asset Store SALE 30% off

    30% off all my audio game packs. Composer Michael La Manna has created pieces that will take you from a futuristic interstellar spaceport to an enchanted forest filled with magical creatures. His combination of electronic and traditional sounds will delight and transform your senses, leaving you spellbound and wanting more. All Music Is YouTube Content ID FREE Catalog FREE Music Pack with newsletter sign up Twitter ¦ Website ¦ SoundCloud ¦ YouTube Badlands Music Pack 1 Badlands Music Pack 2 Fantasy Music Pack 1 Fantasy Music Pack 2 Fantasy Music Pack 3 Galactic Adventure Music Pack 1 Galactic Adventure Music Pack 2 Galactic Adventure Music Pack 3 Galactic Adventure Music Pack 4 Whimsical Adventure Music Pack 1 Whimsical Adventure Music Pack 2 Electronica Music Pack 1 Electronica Music Pack 2 Horror Survival Music Pack 1 Retro Music Pack Sound Effects Pack 1 For custom audio work please contact: michael@mlamanna.com LISTEN NOW

    Please help us promote technology and reading by showing support and clicking our thunderclap campaign.We have just launched our 1st mobile app for kids, Abigail's Tales: First Day Butterflies
  5. Since I recently updated Electronica Music Pack 1 lets have a SALE on 1 and 2  :D  Only $10 each. TO STORE        
  6. Unity Asset Store SALE

    Big SALE on Music Packs  
  7. Badlands Music Pack 2 now on the Unity Asset Store & UE4 Marketp... https://t.co/L0610jWL3M CYBER MONDAY 50% off #CyberMonday #gamedev
  8. Get Badlands Music Pack 1 & 2 at 50% off only today on the Unreal Market Place.   CLICK GO TO MARKETPLACE      
  9. Now get Badlands Music Pack 1 and 2 at 50% on the Unity Asset Store.   Click Unity Asset Store  
  10. Now on the Unreal Marketplace, Fantasy Music Packs 1 thru 3 now on SALE.   CLICK TO GO      
  11. HALLOWEEN SALE Horror Survival Music Pack 1 ONLY $15  
  12. Free Fantasy Music Pack

    Subscribe to my newsletter and receive a FREE Fantasy Audio Sampler Pack.   http://eepurl.com/b7jNjv 
  13. Unity Asset Store Level 11 SALE

    Get Whimsical Adventure Music Pack 1 for only $20 during the Unity Asset Store Level 11 SALE. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/level11    
  14. Free Fantasy Audio Sampler Pack

    FREE Fantasy Audio Sampler Pack with newsletter signup.   ?Also check out my Music Packs on the Unity Asset Store starting at $15.  
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