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  1. 8-bit or 16-bit?

    I'd put them under 8bit artwork rather than 16bit. As 8bit tends to have less detail pixels than 16bit.
  2. Question about Blender and Gimp

    Serapth, thanks for the tutorial link, that is helpful! :)
  3. Making 2d sprites in Adobe After Effect

    When creating sprites, I create them as Photoshop layers then depending on the engine used, I export the frames. After Effects has a lot of animation tools but I never personally used it as I think it's not that effective for sprite creation. I think you're better off with Flash if it's a 2D game to keep things simple.
  4. How to draw Pixel Arts efficiently with MS Paint?

    Paint is really good for pixel art, as it's simple and no smoothing, which is perfect. Try these tutorials, they really are detailed and even though there are powerful tools out there, I still use MS Paint myself for pixel art.   These are some games that are made out of pixel art to have a look at for ideas:   As Prinz Eugn said, practice a lot and it will become second nature over time. Have fun!
  5. Graphics Feedback

    I would tone down the armour,  as Powerneg said, it does look slightly off due to the hero not being particularly muscled. I would also avoid a lot of repeated scenery like the small plants on the sides, as it's not natural at all. I would tone it down so it's less obvious that it's the same plant, also rotate some of them.   hope this helped. Overall, doing great and it's going into the right direction. Looking forward in seeing more.
  6. 2D Concept Art - Feedback Needed

    The contrast should be more higher as it's very hard to lock onto objects and during gameplay it will be worse. Also anyone with impaired vision, will struggle to play in such environment.