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  1. AndrewMaximov

    Physically Based Shading For Artists

    Thank you very much Azaral! You should start with node-based shader creation tools like in UDK or Unity(plugin). It's really not that hard to get into but really opens your mind to the possibilities of shader work :) There are also quite a few useful DVDs from Eat3D and 3D motive.   Best of luck! Andrew
  2. AndrewMaximov

    Ditching Diffuse Maps

    Thank you very much JJD. Well if there's anything this experiment proves is that you can at least be a bit of both ;) Programming is great fun too though. I like it as a break from art.   Riuthamis, ask away here man. I'll do my best to answer.   Thank you Cozzie. Good luck with your engine!
  3. AndrewMaximov

    Ditching Diffuse Maps

    Thank you very much Richard - the link is updated. Sorry about that
  4. AndrewMaximov

    Efficient Art Production: Theory and Practice

    Hey there guys, thank you very much for the comments! riuthamus, thank you very much man. More is coming   Cozzie, thank you buddy, much appreciated!   Great find, Cygon! This is very interesting. I'm glad gamedev.net has so many programming-savvy folks. I've mailed Emil Persson - the author of the post I'm referencing and I'm going to go through all the links you've shared 'cause it seems like a great read and it might inform some ideas/explanations. The paper and his post are all the way back from 2009 so I'm wondering if things might've changed since then. Still the advice on triangulation doesn't seem harmful to me and if anything it still feels like it could be doing some good, just for the wrong reasons. Would be interesting to get to the bottom of this though. Thank you very much once again!
  5. AndrewMaximov

    Ditching Diffuse Maps

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