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  1. Hi there, im not sure if that the right place to post this, and i have no intention to spam, so if this post is not allowed, please let me know !   My name is Gilad and im from .   OfferToro is an OfferWall (similar to supersonic,trialpay etc..), which web/mobile game dev can use for free monetization with offers and videos, while their users earn free VC.   Im posting here, because i believe we can benefit web game developers. Based on current feedback we get from our 200+ publishers, we get better results compared to the other walls on their site/game/app.  Our focus is: EASY OFFERS ! We believe, first of all, in user experience. We currently have plenty of video offers, which users LOVE .   If any of you game devs are interested in giving it a try, let me know. I can be reached at gilad (at) . 
  2. Games with offerwalls

    Hi there. My name is Gilad, and im from . We are an Offerwall, in which we help games monetize their users. We are now looking for new publishers .   Is there anywhere i can find a list of games/gaming sites , that already incorporate OfferWalls ?   If anyone is able to get such a list, im willing to pay for it.