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  1. need help with ontriggerenter

    Hi, you can use animation events but I don't think that's the functionality your looking for. If you want to test if a gameobject is entering a trigger the gameobject needs to have a rigidbody. Another problem I have run into is that OnTriggerEnter takes a collider where OnCollisionEnter and some other functions take collision as an argument. Just make sure your function in your script has the right one. Hope this helps.
  2. Hi, I have been working on this game for a while now and am looking for some fresh eyes to play it and give me some feedback. It is a roguelike with random dungeon generation. I want to add a few more mechanics to the game before I simply starting working on content (weapons, armors, spells, and enemies). Right now I'm trying to get a feel for when the game becomes dull and repetitive and find ways to make the player more engaged for longer.   http://ralemproductions.com/MediocreDemo.zip   If you have any feedback feel free to post it or you can email me at ralem@ralemproductions.com. Thanks.   On a side note the name Mediocre Dungeon Crawler has just been a filler name for me, but it's kind of stuck with me. Am I the only one who thinks the name is unique or should I change it.
  3. Unity Unity Code Help

    // Update is called once per frame void Update () { float h = Input.GetAxis ("Horizontal") * Time.deltaTime * Speed; float v = Input.GetAxis ("Vertical") * Time.deltaTime * Speed; if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown (0) || Input.GetButtonDown ("Fire1") ) { GameObject newBall = (GameObject)Instantiate(BallPrefab,trans.position,trans.rotation); newBall.SetActive(true); Rigidbody rBall = newBall.AddComponent<Rigidbody>(); //add rigidbody to rBall in code //rBall.mass = 10; //rigidBody can be edited here rbBall.AddForce(trans.forward * Speed); //add the force using rigidbody Speed -= 100.0f; if(Speed == 0.0f) { newBall.SetActive(false); } iDunks++; Balls--; Dunks.text = iDunks.ToString(); if(Balls == 0) { } } } } Hi, this should work. Instead of messing with a prefab I like to just create the components in code and edit them there. That way things can't be messed up in your inspector. Just make sure you remove the rigidbody component from your BallPrefab.   If you want to have your rigidbody on your prefab that section of code should look like this. GameObject newBall = (GameObject)Instantiate(BallPrefab, trans.position, trans.rotation); newBall.SetActive(true); Rigidbody rbBall = newBall.GetComponent<Rigidbody>(); rbBall.AddForce(trans.forward * Speed);
  4. Getting Feedback On Any Game

    Hi, I have been working on a game in Unity for some time now and have become numb to the overall game experience it creates. I am looking for someone who also has experience designing games to take a look at my game and give some feedback. Is there a better way at going about this or should I just post a demo of my game somewhere and see what happens. Does anyone have experience getting proper feedback?
  5. Prevent Losing Entire Project To Malware

    I was using Ad-Aware, but due to it not catching the malware I have stopped using it.
  6. So I was working on a game for several months and it got encrypted by some ransomware named Cryptoware. I have a separate computer I use for my game programming, so I thought my computer was safe, but that turned out to not be the case. Any advice on what I should do in the future to prevent such catastrophes? I am a solo game developer so I don't have much of a budget, but would like to know what the options are. 
  7. Co-Op has started to vanish

    Co-op games are few and far between, but I believe that there is a demand for these types of games. Games that usually stand out for me are ones that are very puzzle heavy and not so much story driven like Portal 2 and Forced. Of course you have your Halo and Borderland games, but the co-op of those games don't really feel like we are working together. I know that their is less money in making co-op games, but their is definitely a demand for them.
  8. Controlling difficulty in a randomly generated game.

    Not too too hard, but you're going to have to scale the difficulty. Casual players are going to find this way too difficult. You need to set a timer, or create an algorithm that punishes players for success. 
  9. Questions about hiring an artist

    Find someone dedicated to the idea...   set a budget. You're gonna need $100 or so per 3D model (low poly count) If you're doing 2D it's a whole different game. If budget constraints are an issue, maybe you can look at buying packs of assets on a site. Skype, FB, Messenger are a must for an artist on your team. Pitch the idea of the game. These are creatives. Hope that helps Best Josh  www.ralemproductions.com 
  10. Good point. We are looking to publish on Greenlight, but it may not be the best. Should an indie dev bother putting up $100 to go on the forums as it lasts, or would it be bad press to "not get greenlit?"
  11. Pay to Play Reviews? HELP!

    And the review forum in question was indie game magazine 
  12. Hey community, I've been searching the internet for substantial articles regarding steams "turning off" of the Greenlight programme.  Is this correct? If this is true, (which I may add, seems to be hearsay,) what other distribution portals do you think would be lucrative? GOG.com? Direct Sales? Anyone have any success stories or any ideas? Thanks Josh Barton Producer, Ralem Productions joshtrance@ralemproductions.com
  13. Pay to Play Reviews? HELP!

    Well this is the trouble we're having. Our past work was niche comedy games like Ovary Overload, an asteroids clone pitting an egg vs sperm. Now we want to make quality games (non console) but having to market outside of Xbox Indie arcade is difficult.  This is a roguelike Xcom.... what forums or blogs should I post on? Is it worth sending emails to tech sites now? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLsef-UxNxg This is the video we have... pretty much covers everything that we've done so far, which is a lot, but it isn't really "demo ready" and it's not so pretty. Is this too early to start promoting? I'd feel horrible promoting something without "meat" if you know what I mean. Thank you for your help so far everyone, this is good information. Josh 
  14. Pay to Play Reviews? HELP!

    Josh Barton, Producer of Project X at Ralem Productions. Is it worth paying the $50 USD to get reviewed on those indie game sites?   We're having difficulties promoting our game, it's in pre-production and it's a big jump. Our last games were for XNA/Xbox Live and were novelties. Now we are trying to enter the big leagues with a 3D game and decent budget. The programming and the progress on the project are going well, but currently we are having trouble getting buzz. Is it worth the money for the press, or is there a better way to generate feedback and a following? We eventually want to get "greenlit" on Steam. http://ralemx.wordpress.com/ www.ralemproductions.com
  15. Help with Game Name.

    We here at Ralem Productions need a name for our new TBS tactics game. Currently titled PROJECT X. Check the dev blog for screen grabs and videos. Come up with the name we like, and you get $20 to paypal, a free teeshirt, and a free copy of the game. http://ralemx.wordpress.com/ www.ralemproductions.com     Bounce ideas off me. What do you think?