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  1. Daniel Gomes

    Game concept

    I would have done so already if I knew what you were trying to accomplish. You posted it in Visual Arts, then asked what we could tell from the visual art. If you're going to change the conversation to journal writing, then the conversation doesn't belong in Visual Arts. Still not sure what the conversation is about.   Well, it is about the concept art itself. Someone mentioned journal at somepoint and I think is not very polite to ignore the parallel subject so i asked for more information, that's all. I know there are rules and I understand your worries about keeping the house organized but, IMHO, this kind of topic doesn't have a direct intention or a clear goal and I think it would fit on the GD Lounge but since the concept art is the main subject, I posted here. Sorry for the inconvenience. You have the power to move, close or delete this conversation as you wish. Thank you for the good job here.
  2. Daniel Gomes

    Game concept

    Seems like a good idea. How journals work? Can you briefly explain or point me to a post explaining it?
  3. Daniel Gomes

    Game concept

    Well, I love @JTippetts creativity. I want to play his games :D   Tom, you only got one thing wrong, the game is not for children. You are right (probably) about the other ones :)   Could a moderator please move this post to the correct forum if this post is misplaced?   Another piece of information, I am calling the game "Piece of Sheep". I need some time to draft the sheeps and start coding the prototype this weekend. More info to come.
  4. Daniel Gomes

    Game concept

    Hi.   I just want to show you guys the first concept for a new game. Can you guys guess anything about the game just looking at the concept art?     P.S.: I am not an visual artist, I am a coder (and I think the code I write is art too).This image is not the most beautiful art in the world and I am well aware of that :D
  5. Daniel Gomes

    [FREE][2.3+]Kill Robot Shooting War

    Fix the mispelling "Fight for domiNANAce
  6. Daniel Gomes

    My first game music

    Hi, everyone!   I am a developer but with a 10 years + musical background with guitars and vocal bands.   Recently I decided do compose game music too and here is my very first atempt on Ableton Live + Launchkey:   https://soundcloud.com/programad/jump-little-frog   This music is for an android game that is already publised (not mine): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.DeepAxe.JumpyFrogs   What you guys think about my first creation?   C&C are welcome!
  7. Daniel Gomes


    Could you guys please download and rate it? It would take like 5 minutes or so.
  8. Daniel Gomes


    Well, guys, just launched my very first game!   It is a mobile game currently only for Android but I will release it for other platforms.   On the game you control the little Petrobird collect oil balls to earn money and avoid passing through the "bribeduct" from where the evil red star steals money.   Please download, play and rate if you may. Any help is welcome and there are a little ad when you die so DON'T DIE.   The game features Google Play Game Services with leaderboards and achievements!   It still lacks a theme song but it is on its way. Maybe next week.   If you want to test the game, please download it from the Google Play Store clicking here.   Here is a little video with gameplay: 
  9. Daniel Gomes

    Logo Feedback

    Here are some variations. The vertical ones will be used on the splash screen. The horizontal one is being used on the website. I have various options like black, white, color, metal, etc.    
  10. Daniel Gomes

    Logo Feedback

    The G is not intentional :D   It is supposed to be the front claws since the Giant Anteater has claws/nails on the front paws and small nails on the rear ones. But in the end it is just an abstract form to fill the icon center.   You guys are awesome for feedback! I am happy to see that the icon can be seen as an anteater, specially alongside the title. Maybe the problem here is that Giant Anteater is an animal from south america and I am from Brazil so it is easily recognizable to me and hard to you guys. Aardvark, racoon and armadillos are easy for you and hard to me :D   I like the "coffee" and "dragon wearing nike" feedbacks :D
  11. Daniel Gomes

    Logo Feedback

    You guys got it! It is an anteater. I wasn't very clear on the original post but the log is not from a game but it is the game studio logo. Here is the full logo:     Yes, the icon represents specifically a Giant Anteater (that explain the dark parts tail and neck stripe). There is an anteater game planed but it wil not be my first one.   I just wanted to know if people can recognize the anteater on the logo.
  12. Daniel Gomes

    Logo Feedback

    Hi, everyone.   I'm about to launch my first game by the end of april and I need some feedback on my logo. First, I just want to post the icon part of the logo and ask you to tell me what you think it represents. Here it goes:     What you think this is? After that, I will post the full logo and ask for some feedback and criticisms.   Thank you all!
  13. Daniel Gomes

    Jetpack Race

  14. Daniel Gomes

    Jetpack Race

    Another update, this time on the race track:  
  15. Daniel Gomes

    Jetpack Race

    Never heard that soundtrack before. You are right, very similar :)   I miss good old Duke Nukem :(   I can't wait to release the Jetpack Race main theme, it is just so awesome in my humble opinion. J. Jay Berthume is polishing and orchestrating it. The game will have 10 race tracks each one with its own music also.
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