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  1. Well it's not necessarily a bad thing.. I was always under the impression that games ran in full-screen because they *had* to. What with cheap TFT comings out at much higher resolutions that a few years ago, dual monitor setups are becoming more common, and hardware now can give you the speed you need without it requiring full screen mode. Why they didn't include it is beyond me, but it's hardly the end of the world :)
  2. Zanthos

    UK ADSL Switcheroo

    I've requested my MAC from Tiscali and am now planning to move elsewhere.. problem is all the UK ISPs look pretty rubbish. Now I know I can't do that much worse than Tiscali, but there has to be decent one out there! Can anybody throw me a bone as to who I should go with :) TIA.
  3. Zanthos

    Python Sockets problem

    Quote:Original post by GnuVince Binding to the empty string will bind the socket to localhost. Enter the complete IP address instead. That's incorrect. Binding to '' essentially binds to IP interface addresses assigned to the machine.. 127.x.x.x, and from what I can tell). Mikeman, you need to make sure... 1) Your router is forwarding port 80 (or whichever) to your machine on the LAN ( 2) Your machine's firewall(if you have one) is allowing incoming connections to your app. 3) Your router allows connection attempts to 'jump out' of the LAN and back in through your Internet IP. Please remember some don't(as mentioned in my earlier, and very brief, post).
  4. Zanthos

    Python Sockets problem

    Assuming you are using an ADSL router, it may have a problem routing connections to it's WAN interface from inside the LAN(I know the Netgear DG834x has this problem, which is fixed in a patch).
  5. Your problem is HTTP/1.1, the decoration is the length next block of data (in hexadecimal) caused by chunked transfer-encoding. When I came about this I just used HTTP/1.0 in the query, instead of attempting to parse these values out.
  6. This might be what you want: import imp import sys # name - The name of the module # moduleContents - The code within the module newModule = imp.new_module(name) exec moduleContents in newModule.__dict__ sys.modules[name] = newModule
  7. I don't code without SVN. I'm the Grand Master at majorly screwing things up at the least convenient times, so I'm not in my comfort zone until I've got something to fall back on. Oh, and I'd love to see how they support branching/merging with copy-to-another-folder 'Source Control'...
  8. Zanthos

    Syncing peer clocks..

    Just calculate the average ping over 4 or so seconds using your method, then discard any which are more than 1 or 2 standard deviations from the mean and re-calculate the mean, this should give you a reasonably accurate value. If their connection latency is erratic with major spikes, there's nothing much lag compensation can do.
  9. Zanthos

    Coder's Block

    I find I usually get coders block because I'm worried about putting in a great deal of effort only for it to be completely wrong... fear of failure. To get past this roadblock I changed my programming workflow: - Finer grained ToDo lists, so I could always start with a 30 minute task to get back into the project. - Tried a more get-it-working-first approach. Instead of messing about stuff which really doesn't add much to the project, I instead did the tasks which would give me instant feedback. For example getting explosions and sound-effects working is better than designing a particle library with a VM for any effect you could possibly want.(Unless your project *is* a particle library). - Using SVN (more). I'm not afraid of making massive changes and it screwing up, I can always go back to a previous version.
  10. Zanthos

    Network Activity Monitor

    Pcap is probably what you'd be looking for. I've never used it though but these two pages may help:
  11. I don't have a paste of the error, but I've had a three database deadlocks where my connection was the one that was dropped. The page loading times overall seem to be a bit slower, but is still within the boundaries of usable.
  12. Zanthos

    Game Message Packets

    (Excuse the brevity, lost the message first time around...) - NO_FREE_CONNECTIONS is redundant, it should instead be represented as an error code in CONNECTION_ATTEMPT_FAILED. - INTERNAL_PING, BROADCAST_PINGS and CONNECTED_PONG should be replaced with a PING/PONG for calculating latency between Server and Client. This will also act as your Keep-Alive. - TIMESTAMP_REQUEST and TIMESTAMP should have the timestamping moved into PING/PONG(though the questions is.. is timestamping required at all?) - UPDATE_ENV should be added for communicating changes in the global enviroment (eg, for explosion sound effects), and for game events such as a player being killed/respawning. - DROP should be sent by the client for a graceful disconnect, merely having the Server waiting for a keep-alive timeout may be considered rude :) Likewise, the server may also want to send this to an unruly client(or a very laggy client). Hope this helps :)
  13. Zanthos

    Testing Framework

    I think the proxy solution will cover testing the general working conditions of the implementation(basically, does it send/recieve reliably.. most of the time). The problems arise when I try to test the individual component parts of the system using assertions to ensure the 'most of the time' becomes an 'all of the time'. I can't expect to really know the exact state at which the system should be in if two components are operating independent of each other, and the proxy is adding a layer of uncertainty, so it removes any hope of installing package-wide testing. Is a testing framework on such a system too complex to consider such a precise level of validation?
  14. I've been making some modifications to a reliable UDP implementation I conjured up earlier this year to include in my current project and I really want to be testing it to breaking point(until I fix the bugs at least). How would you guys go about making a framework to test your network code? I've had some ideas, but nothing that can be run easily(and to be honest if it was anything more than running a single script, I would end up not using it, and that's not much good). Any suggestions/tips/source dumps would be very much appreciated :)
  15. Zanthos

    What Energy drink should I chug?

    The LD50 of caffeine is not easily achieved, you'll be fine... of course the convulsions and tunnel vision happen a lot earlier than this.
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