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    Too good to be true?

      1: sounds reasonable.   2: your post probably took longer and itself lacks sustenance.   3: Doable.   4: Doable   5: Doable   6: Nice imagination, and just going off the smuggness of your post not even going to come close. I forsee the only person even seeing your game on the app store, being the person that approves it to be up on the app store. Just cause they're mobile games doesnt mean they're a piece of cake.
  2.   Tell me more about that "good lighting", that's what I want to know. And in last image, I don't think that pixelation or texture is what makes it look bad, it's probably poor lighting and shading.     in the minecraft shot, there is no lighting/shadows at all?
  3.     I think thats exactly it, you can find mods that have a similar effect on minecraft aswell. that and the AO aswell. They look nicer and "warm" because it's clean, flat colors as opposed to grainy/grundgy textures
  4. OK, I've only been using Unity for about a week now and loving it so far. Though I've never used an engine or a full on Entity/Component system before either, so I don't know if I'm confused or just over complicating things. Hell I'll probably figure it out just from typing this out ;-)   QUESTION 1:   Basic Scenario ;   I have 3 objects, The Game (logic and global game specific data), Hero and a Monster. The hero should attack the monster every time it can, and the game keeps track of how many monsters are killed. What I'm confused about is the way all these objects will interact with each other.   Normally I would have a structure kinda like so ;   vector<Hero>; vector<Monster>; class CombatController;    The CombatController would update all the heroes timers and handle triggering the heroes to attack and applying that heroes damage to the monsters and so forth. Is that logical in Unity? Should I just make an empty object that is simply just a script to handle that logic?   QUESTION 2:   Probably a dumb question, if I want to add a variable to an object such as hero having a damage value. Right now I just add a script to the object and add a member to the class. Is that correct?      
  5.   Replace the floor tiles with dirt and grass and make the walls trees... there you have an outside map ;-)   Tile maps are tile maps, doesn't matter if graphically they represent different environments. Take the concepts that you got from the pixel dungeon code and apply the concepts to what you want generate on your own maps.   1: What do you want your maps to look like? Whats supposed to populate your world?   2: The very site youre posting this on also has a several intelligent articles/tutorials on the very subject.   granted they long ago made it difficult and non intuitive to find these articles outside of using your google foo.   3: What is your end goal? What do you want to accomplish? Maybe take a few minutes and sketch a picture of what youre trying to do.
  6. coremarq

    Creating A Mobile Vpet?

    Thank you for replying! Is Bluestacks an APK? If it is, is there a better one you think would be better to use?       1: I believe the bluestacks youre refering to is an android emulator for non mobile platforms. Not what you'd use to develop the game but can be used to test your project if using your own phone is a problem.   2: ADK is the Android Development Kit, when you download and install unity, itll have an option for all the platforms you wish to develop for, simply selecting android with download the sdk for you.   I consider myself a noob when it comes to engines (other than my own). But having used Unity for just a week now, I wonder why I never tried it out the moment it became free. I've only ever tried to dabble in mobile development a few times in the past and Java (I know a more forgiving language compared to C++) was the barrier for me. But Unity is darn near a point and click game maker and being able to use C# (a vastly simpler form of it too) has made things so easy for me. I too found learning C# cumbersome with no real reason to do so other than learning for the sake of learning. But in a scripting enviroment it's almost exactly like C++ with just a few differences.   /* end rant */   I would suggest you just go ahead and download and try out unity for yourself.
  7. coremarq

    Timelines-AOA coming to tablets

    Never even made it to the screenshots... not worth my time to click link after link just to see why you wasted your time ppsting here.
  8. coremarq

    Roguelikes and "dice"-based combat

    Dont look at pixel dungeon beyond a time waster. Theres no strategy beyond constantly rerolling a game till you find a decent weapon on the first 2 floors. Never played delver before. If youre on a computer though you should check out dungeon crawl stone soup. Out of all the roguelikes if played it has the best tactics in my oppinion. It can get tedious sometimes do to its length. But at any point in the game anything cankill you if youre being careless. 99% of everything has a use. Amd dieing with anything in your inventory usually means you couldve survived if you used what was in your inventory.
  9. coremarq

    Is Clash of Clans time based model common?

    For mobile games yes, its extremely abused to milk money from users. Almost every mobile game that doesn't have an initial cost to install. I rather hate this model. It's like having a subscription to a game and causes most games to be "You better be rich and spend 500$ to win, or be a loser that only gets to enjoy 25% of the game and never gets to progress". I rather liked the old days of games when these types of games were called "demos" and the pay option was to buy the full game.
  10. ROGUELIKE - INTERFACE CHANGE Small update for the roguelike project, well sorta. Im changing all the controls to a mouse based design and ditching the conventional keyboard shortcuts. Inventory and equipment management is far simpler now.. even though the nostalgia is gone :/ Movement is slightly clunky feeling though. I'm suspecting a possible bug in the alignment of the mouse to grid conversion. I'm working on some visual ques to improve the use of the mouse. Simply highlighting the grid square the mouse resides on. I need to improve the logic and have it color coded. Something like a blue highlight being default and if the mouse is hovering over something attack-able, it'll red. If the mouse is over another interact-able such as an item or door it'll highlight green. a slightly less noticeable highlight will light up each tile leading to the hovered over tile. Unfortunately I haven't implemented path finding yet. I've been kinda dreading this actually. I'll be going with a typical A* algorithm, it's what I've always used in the passed and am most familiar with with. I fear without implementing the path finder directly into my grid class, it might be too slow to be immediately calculated every time the mouse moves to a new square. My grid class was designed as a random access interface and very brute force about it. You might say it'll be fine because obviously my LOS/FOW algorithm uses Breshenham's line algorithm to cast 360 rays around the player to determine the FOW each movement and the player can move rather fast. That's not entirely accurate, under those circumstances there is actually almost a 1 second stall between movements. I actually only cast an 8th of those rays, and use a anti aliasing style hack to keep the sight clean. This can really be notice in big rooms where the edge of view has a large edge. It's not a perfect circle and is very blocky. My goal has been to keep things as modular / encapsulated and clean as I can through out the project to avoid nasty spaghetti code that might force a re write again. I want the pathfinder to use the grid class rather than be apart of it. I've got a few ideas on how to improve the logic behind accessing the grid and or implementing an iterator. Which might actually be a better considering the pathfinder and the line algorithm both access one tile randomly and then traverse from the one tile. SIDE PROJECT I'm gonna start a small side project to test and work out some of these changes in a less cluttered environment. I want to finally create some basic GUI elements as well, nothing bigger than basic buttons. I've already got several classes I've hacked together for the Roguelike project. I want to clean them up and improve their functionality. The projects gonna be a basic old school rpg of sorts. The game will take place on a world map that has a series of way points. Each waypoint is an area that the player can enter, either a battle or a town. Basically the world map represent the campaign timeline. Each area / waypoint must be cleared before the player can progress to the next waypoint. The player will be a 4-5 character team. The player can build the team out of a pool of characters. All of which can be recruited at the towns and will have unique abilities or stat progressions. Only one of each character can ever be owned by the player. The player can further equip the characters with items bought from the towns. Battles will be automated with an old school rpg look. Think the old Final Fantasy series, with each team lined up on each side. Each character ; player or ai, will have a battle timer that determines when they can attack or use an ability. So things will be real time. Nothing major, and probably won't even come close to being finished, just need something to test ideas with. This is just how I tend to learn ;) Till then happy coding.
  11. coremarq

    Why are RTS games becoming unpopular?

    Because story driven pretty little first person shooters and the similar open world adventures make more money? I honestly feel rts as a genre is doomed to stagnate. They dont lend them selves to emerssion as much as other titles. Too. They dont have much room for new ideas beyond theme. But these are my opinions.
  12. coremarq

    Keyboard vs Mouse for in roguelikes and in general

    "a-track"? I think you mean 8-track. We had a bunch of these when I was a child, and a car I owned had an 8-track player. There was a wide selection of cassetes at secondhand stores usually for a dime or quarter back in the days. Haha. Ive called them a-tracks for 30 years.... never ever realized. Learn something new every day
  13. coremarq

    Keyboard vs Mouse for in roguelikes and in general

    Well I get the feeling that mouse support is mandatory beyond say angband variants? Or hardcore roguelikers. I'll be honest and say I prefer keyboard over mouse for almost everything dungeon related. I play Crawl, the only rogue like I've stuck with beyond 1-3 games and I use the mouse only for inventory and anything in the menus. Movement and everything else dungeon related from picking up items to casting spells I solely use the keyboard. I am older though.... I still remember playing my dads atari and picking what a-track to listen in the car. So maybe I've been used to complicated control schemes.   I have always been intending to implement some sort of mouse control to my game whether it was just to mimic keyboard control or actually base it off of key board control.  Thank yall for your input.. I'm brainstorming a different control scheme and the possibilities of foregoing complete keyboard controls.
  14. Another thing i didnt notice being said already... forget the idea of doing it all at once. Split your update so that a percentage of your objects are updated. Then the next iteration of update updates the next percentage. You could use a spatial partioning system to divy up yoir objects and have the ones closer updated more frequently and the ones further away less frequently. Aslong as eberything is based on the time passed since last update it should be quite feasable. Your system will stay far more responsive this way and if the updates are happening readily enough, youll never notice that theyre done in stages. As others have said its about making the user believe its working. Sometime programming is like performing magic ;)
  15. coremarq

    Keyboard vs Mouse for in roguelikes and in general

    Not hard at all. Guess my question is boiling down to if there is mouse support. Is robust keyboard support nessecary... ie is keyboard movement even needed or would it even be missed if mouse support was there?
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