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  1. Everyone loves happy tree friends. I show the ant eater episode to my students every year   i will upload more soon
  2. Ultimately it boiled down to what made the best T-shirt. Nature Hater looks amazing on a chest.   Personally I do not believe in talent. I cant. As a teacher I treat all my artists as awesome in potential. But my coder, he is a proper wizard. He put an incredible amount of skill in to making the entire level creation, set-up and design process in the hands of the artist. He wrote a custom user interface for Unity especially for this game.   At some point we will be uploading a video showing the level balancing process in detail.
  3. I see. The premise of the game is that Dean has a grudge against Nature. He is not a hero, you are playing the baddie.   So, yes it is violent, yes it is gratuitous, but it is not being glorified and that is an important distinction.   The entire game reinforces the face that Dean is horrible, and what is more, Dean hates the player. It is all geared to showing that nature is beautiful.    What are your thoughts on games which depict violence against humans?
  4. recession. you seem to have it backwards.    Rule of thumb is when things receed into distance they lose detail, contrast and saturation.....whereas you have the same texture in your sky, dark clouds....those two simple things will make your image pop....
  5. i would go with 8bit from a purely audience expectation perspective. It 'looks' 8bit....regardless of whether it is or not
  6. machinima can be a real bonus if you are creating content in the vein currently enjoyed by that community, but the downside is that you run the risk of turning off new audiences or worse, your stuff looking just like everyone else's.   If you are purely interested in telling a story, its great.   personally i would rather see a great concept/theme communicated with stickmen rather than a bad concept/theme trying to gloss over that lacking with 'out the box' assets   Here is a classic:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r_TVAnd4qbs
  7. never had that in maya, but when that happens in max it is usually because the file has been saved with multiple modifiers in the stack. 
  8. i think it looks great apart from the foliage. It strikes the eye like fuzz. Also, can you bake in some lighting for the castle? You got a really hard shadow on the overhang. Considering how bright the scene is, I would expect more diffusion there. If the light is directional, then nothing else seems to be casting shadows to match.
  9. there is no right or wrong beyond the following simple principle 'if it looks right, it is right'   its unlikely you have polygon limits to worry about so its down to will the mesh do what it needs to. edges tend to need to compliment the movement and the silhouette.   Noses were always a real ball ache on PSone games. huge chunk of the poly budget for a nose and heaven forbid they has to have anything but a fist
  10. back in the day working on gameboy, we literally just created 32 by 32 photoshop files. If we had to use a limited palette we would create a custom one   The real issue came when the agency would ask for print sized version of the sprites, i seem to remember nearest neighbour wasn't in photoshop then or didnt do it right, a real ball ache (i am talking the 1990s here)
  11. after effects would be fine for sprite creation but only in the sense that it is just one step in the process, I would still recommend loading the image sequence in to photoshop for final processing....if you need sprite sheet then there are several free apps for doing it as a one step operation.    But yeah, sometimes after effects is the quickest way to generate the original art.   I often do my roughs in flash, clean up in illustrator, colour in photoshop and purpose in after effects before rendering in premiere.....you wouldnt expect to build a shed using just a hammer, same applies to software.   if you have a specific after effects issue, shout me, i live in that program
  12. if you use CAT you can use animation layers, the track editor does non-linear editing of animation sets just like maya if that's what you are asking specifically about
  13. i think you got the balance just right. It reminds me of the old 'dalmation in snow' illusion. it isnt there until it moves. I think I would like to see this moving and I reckon it will come alive.
  14. Hi All   My apologies if I come across as positively old, but all artists should read this book.   http://www.amazon.co.uk/Drawn-Life-Classes-Stanchfield-Lectures/dp/0240810961/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1390314711&sr=8-1&keywords=drawn+to+life   Being a good artist is foremost about being a good observer, this book is the most comprehensive guide on how to begin training your eyes and mind to see. Its content is geared towards animation but the theory applies to everything.
  15. Hi Kryzon   I cannot tell if that was sarcasm. You dont actually find the game offensive surely?   If so, which part? Is it because God is in it? Are you anti religion?