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  1. Remote desktop'ed... remote desktoping... remoting... Anyway. I am connecting remotely to a server running Microsoft Terminal Services. When I am logged in remotely, I am not able to print to my local printer. Anyone know how I should set this up?
  2. gandolf1212

    Free (or nearly free) tools you can't live without

    Beyond compare looks nice but isn't it just the trial thats free? ConTEXT - a great text editor aimed at programmers - perfect amount of features without being bloated. Knoppix - CD bootable version of Linux. It and a crossover cable can make rescuing files from a computer far easier than having to try and move hard drives, especially with laptops. Firefox and Thunderbird - browser & email client, respectively. yPOPs! - makes a yahoo account function like a POP3 account. WinAmp - the best mp3 player. uTorrent - one of, if not the, best torrent clients. WindowsGrep - text searching in files, regex compatible. Apache / php / mysql - what I use to develop php scripts :P Gaim - multi-protocol, open source chat client. Speakonia - screen reader. Real Alternitive and Quick Time Alternitive - pretty much what you expect. TrueCrypt - encrypted drive for all your por.... I mean... sensitive business documents. BitDefender - virus scan that catches like 60% of viruses. BartPE - bootable, crappy version of XP. Good for regedit on broken systems. Unlocker - unlocks handles to files that are being used. ArtMoney - cheating in games. OllyDebug - cheating extra hard in games, reverse engineering, removing loaders/packers that keep ArtMoney from working. Limewire - p2p. Those are most of the ones I use and love. OpenOffice is also good.
  3. I am doing some socket program and was wondering if anyone knew a good tool to send and receive TCP/IP messages. I tried Windows telnet, but it seems to send messages one letter at a time, rather than sending it as an entire message.
  4. gandolf1212

    BoardGame Programming

    Flash would be a fine choice, runs on all the platforms, gives you a drag and drop interface, easy to use and lets you distribute the content on web pages. If you wanted a visual, windows only solution, I'd recommend C++ builder or Delphi, both IDE's made by Borland. Honestly, if you don't want to go the Flash route, you might want to rethink getting it to work across all the platforms. Even getting all three environments setup with a complier and third party library will be hard, no to mention writing an entire program that doesn't call a single platform specific function.
  5. gandolf1212

    A few questions to get me started.

    Quote:Original post by PJCD I have Macromedia Flash Pro 8 now. Does anybody have any screenshots of any rpg games anybody has made with flash? What is a game engine? Adobe bought Macromedia, I believe it is Adobe Flash now. Flash Zelda: http://www.geocities.com/mclelun/rpg.html . A game engine is a set of libraries, dll's and other types of code that simplify the task of creating a game, and are typically aimed a certain genre of game. They work off the fact that games generally share common elements, and those elements become more common the more the genre is narrowed down. A game engine for a 3d shooter might contain an already built graphics engine, collision detection system and support for different 3d models. Biggest downside to a game engine is the price, the limited nature of them, and that what you are learning becomes obsolete if the game engine changes / gets abandoned / sucks.
  6. gandolf1212

    A few questions to get me started.

    This forum seems to be very C++ oriented, which makes sense for those looking to make full fledged, high-end games. For what you described though, Flash would be a good way to go. Flash supports objects and graphics out of the box, and supports the action script language, that is based on javascript (this isn't actually correct, but correct enough). Writing a game in Flash is much easier than C++, and things such as graphics and networking are already built in. There are tons of books, examples and articles for it, and a Flash game is a lot easier to distribute than one made in C++ or Java. With Flash, you don't have to worry about the platform of your users, since the Flash player has been ported to ever operating system that is even slightly popular. Flash programs run better than Java programs on the same hardware, the Flash 'run time' is magnitudes smaller than Java's, Flash takes up less ram them Java, is more widely supported in browsers, and doesn't screw up scrolling in certain browsers. Flash also has great support for vector graphics, which mean really small file sizes if distributed online.
  7. gandolf1212

    If you were going to make a virus...

    Quote:Original post by necreia I'd make a virus that 1) propagates itself out 2) displays a message on the screen about being infected 3) removes itself completely from the system as discretely and quickly as possible. No damage -- nothing -- just enough to have people spending hours trying to 'find' the virus. That would drive me nuts. I go through the same thing whenever I remove spyware from the Add/Remove programs list, just can't believe it would leave completly.
  8. gandolf1212

    If you were going to make a virus...

    Quote:Original post by dwarfsoft When I was working as a Technician fixing software issues on PC's I always wished I had a virus that I could install on peoples computers that automatically removed Kazaa, Limewire, etc. I had a virus that did the exact opposite of what you just said, it ran Limewire at start up, disabled ctrl+alt+delete, and launched a new one when the last one closed (and shared itself). I am not sure the name of it, but I think it comprises a pretty big percent of all those 220kb versions of Office XP you see floating around.
  9. gandolf1212

    If you were going to make a virus...

    Looks like someone just hit my rating for (edit)26 now, or so(/edit) points... what I get for posting in the Lounge :(
  10. What would its effect be? I always thought it would cool if a virus could download the Firefox installer, install it without any dialogs, then change the default browser and write over IE. Wonder how many users wouldn't even realize the difference, except that all there porn-morgage-coupon-weather bars and popups were gone.
  11. gandolf1212

    Artical ideas for new site

    Me and a couple friends are going to sit down and make an ezine, but are looking for idea's for articles. This isn't going to have news stories, we are looking for tutorial idea's, reviews, game info, ect. Biggest thing is we are looking for subjects that, while interesting, haven't been written about a lot. If you guys could just think for a moment about the last couple searches you made that brought back less-than-spectacular results, or a question you had always wanted to know the answer too, we are ready to do the legwork for you (and hopefully millions of others). Regards, Trent
  12. gandolf1212

    Unzipping files

    Problem is the zlib only works on .gz files, I need a program to extract real zip archives.
  13. gandolf1212

    Unzipping files

    I am working on a program that needs to be able to use zip files. I tried using zlib, but it only seems to be able to unzip files made by zlib, not regular zip archives. Does anyone know a good, free, zip library?
  14. gandolf1212

    Any way to open old registry files?

    I need to open up the registry I had before I reformatted. I have the old folder with the registry files, but I can't find a program to open it, since most registry programs are concerned with the current registry. Anyone know how I can view the old one? I got some settings in there I really don't want to loose. (PS. If you write a program that has settings, store them in files!) Thanks
  15. Last night I tried to resize my partitions with Partition Magic. The program screwed up, and in resizing the partitions made my C: drive D: and my D: drive C: (should I worry my antivirus is made by these geniuses?) Windows will try to boot off the new D drive, but it will not load completely - I even tried installing windows in repair mode, but it locks up. I think the solution to my problem would be to change my drive letters back, but I am not sure how, especially since I have to use an XP cd to even boot my computer. Anyone have any idea's how I can fix this?
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