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  1. Structure of Development Costs for games

    I just found this...   really 150 Millions ? some hollywodd movies with AAA stars even didn't reach this budget..... I mean we are talking about a product which is not really "touchable" it is just virtual... pixels, letters and numbers :)
  2. Structure of Development Costs for games

    Thaks for your answers guys! I really didn't know that AAA Games can cost that much money, wow.... But as i thought the biggest part of the costs is the manpower, what is the average cost of one coder or a graphicer for one month? I guess this value depends extremly on the experience or not  ?   What you thinkj would be the developing costs for games like GTA5 or Crysis 3 or a simulation like Sim City 5
  3. Hello, I have one simple question, hopefully someone can help me out with a answer :) I'm wondering all the time when i'm reading about developing costs for games, what excatly is so expenisve in developing games ??? Sometimes i read about good games but not really pro games like from EA or Ubisoft or whatever which has cost one or two million dollars to develop....   I understand that you need some good hardewear... sure... some expenisve software like 3Ds max or Maya and match more.... But isn't the biggest part of the costs the manpower ? like the coder, the graphicer... the 3d artist etc.... ????   would be nice if someone can explain me the cost structure, to light up my missing knowledge in subject of game development :)   regards GameShack28