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  1. Powerless

    Looks nice, original idea. I'll give it a try :)
  2. My beginner game - would love to hear criticism.

    I made a new link, it now works :)
  3. My beginner game - would love to hear criticism.

    Did you manage to download the game? I tried to use the link I posted now, and it doesn't seem to work.
  4. Thanks Would you say I need to teach myself some C++ in order to understand the examples in the book properly? (regardless of your opinion that I should know a little C++ in general. I'm asking specifically about the examples in the book).   I mean, the book is about AI design, not about low-level things like memory management. I should be able to ignore C++ stuff like pointers and memory than I don't entirely understand, and still be able to see the AI logic in the code. Am I wrong?   EDIT: Also, would you recommend reading the book all the way through?
  5. I read that the book "Programming Game AI by Example" is a good beginner book for learning to program game AI.   But I also read that the code examples in the book are C++. This I guess won't be a problem because Java is similiar to C++ ([I]will it be a problem?[/I]), but I still don't have any idea about 3D game programming. I'm still studying 2D. Would the book be useful to me even if some of the examples (I assume) are for 3D implemetations? (are they?)   Also, your general opinion on the book would be great.   This question obviously is for anybody who read this book or some of it. Thanks
  6. Hello all :)   I'm new to programming game AIs. The most 'advanced' (and only) AI I created yet was composed of several if-else statements. I don't know any techniques or anything. Complete beginner to AI in games.   [I](However my ability in general 2D game development, apart from AI, is intermediate).[/I]   I would like to know: Where would be a good place to start studying game AI?   I'm looking for a good source to start for absoulte beginners, one that teaches all the necessary beginner knowledge in the right order. In the long run I hope to become a good game AI developer, so it's important to me to get off on the right foot, with a good starting point.   Could you please direct me to some site? Or a book? Please explain why you recommend it.   Thank you
  7. [Age 15+] Legena : Union Tides

      I'll look into this. What's your OS?   I'm using Windows XP.
  8. [Age 15+] Legena : Union Tides

    I tried to download your demo, it says that "it's not a valid Win32 application".
  9. Hello all, I'm new to this forum   I got into game programming about two months ago. I wanted to share with you the second game I created (the first was a Pong variation with missiles and shit).   It's super basic, and I did all the graphics in MSPaint ;) Still I'd like to hear your criticism. Any problems with the game, or ideas how to improve it game-design-wise or programming-wise would be great. I made this game in Java.   I'm probably not going to put more effort into this game. I want to hear your criticism for future games.   Also, rarely the game has some technical issues on some computers. If the game doesn't run as it's supposed to on your computer, please tell me.   Thanks a lot   Screen shot: [attachment=19629:dueltanksscreenshot.PNG]   Link to download: http://www.filedropper.com/dueltanks (Edited: Link now works).