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    I aspire to be an app developer

    Thank you for the replies guys, it is very much appreciated. I will heed your advice and use the resources and study into the topics you mentioned.   I want to create 2D and 3D games, but for now i think i'll stick to 2D. And yes it was part of my plan to fine something that can sustain me meanwhile i study towards my real goals. I am aware that it will require a lot of me, but this is what i want to do and i will follow it through because my goals are somewhere on the other side of that fence.   I have made almost all of the games in the books i mentioned reading, understanding all the programming used, and also made my own little changes to them. I have not however made my own games. i feel as if i waste too much time when i try to make my own games; time i could be using learning more. I am aware that making your first few games are a priceless learning experience but i feel as if i must first learn all the things i mentioned "how to use classes, how to create pixel art, how to make RPGs like the early final fantasy," etc.   My plan is to make a real attempt at creating my own game and completing it using python once i feel i am very good with the language and have been through many tutorials etc..   But my attempt at going commercial with any games i create are reserved for once i learn to develop "game apps" using Java.   This is my game plan. I won't start school for another 6 months, so i am trying to look up if there are any coding boot camps or public groups i can attend to where i'd learn from others. I am also switching between all the books and tutorials i have gathered (on the internet mostly; bookmarked) so that i don't get bored reading what seems to be the same material. This might help. I want to clear all this studying material asap, so that i can move on.   Thanks again. Oh and i won't get shot! Haha
  2. Like the title says, i want to develop apps, for android more specifically and then in the future for iOS and who knows maybe even for consoles in a distant future.   I've been studying programming and i had decided to start with python about 2 years ago. I've been though ups and downs of life and its taken me longer than it should have to learn what i have so far. I have learned mostly from the books by Al Sweigart "Invent with python" and "making games with python and pygame"; They are good books and teach the basics very well to total amateurs but they also lack certain things that have made it hard for me to keep interest and motivation in continuing on.   I've completed reading and learning all the material in "invent with python", and i am half way through with the other one. However, i feel like what i am interested in learning is how to use classes, how to create pixel art, how to make RPGs like the early final fantasy, game logic in those kind of games, how to save a game, how to use multiple files for one program so all of my functions/calsses arent all mixed up in one large file, etc..   Does this make sense?   6 months ago i made a plan. I joined the US Army and thought to myself, i will have 4 years, 3 of which i will use to get my associates in Computer Science, and with all that time i will study game development. My goal in mind is to have gotten really good with python and learned all the basics and practicalities of programming through that language and then move on to Java and learn to develop apps with it. I want to be making money, to be trying at least, before my 4 years are up. I want to be able to get out and chase my goals.   Right now i have a lot of studying material i can run to, and perhaps this is procrastinating, but i just wanted to hear some wisdom. I need to use this time and stay productive. Any advice?
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