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  1.   Note: This is a rough idea. I hope it helps in deciding where you want to take your ideas. Also I am using Kseh's line as a prompt.    The sculptor was banished for his unorthodox techniques. The strange race created by the the sculptor are not in the image of his race because they banished him for his beliefs/techniques. Who would want friends that look similar to those that banished you? The sculptor created the statues because he went crazy without any social interaction. The Brim became his way to socialize even if they couldn't talk. One day a dragon is passing through and he notices a crazy sculptor. The dragon decided that he will screw around with the sculptor for his own enjoyment. The dragon breathes life into the the statues. The sculptor is confused and what not. The dragon feels bad and tells the sculptor what he did to the statues. The sculptor and dragon become friends. Although the Brim were brought to life as a prank, the sculptor and dragon decided to keep them alive. the Brim are a new race, they are primitive and are learning new things with each day. The Brim see the volcano as a god that speaks to them. the volcano is not a god, it is merely going to erupt. The noises that it makes before an eruption is how it speaks to the Brim and the Brim will translate it however they wish to. Meanwhile, a rumor is spreading throughout the people that banished the sculptor. The people believe that the sculptor is creating an army with the help of an evil dragon to wipe them out. the people begin to attack the Brim which tosses the two sides into a war.
  2.   The Imaginary Village Council method is new to me. Do you have any specific characters or personalities that you prefer to use?    PS. I have never heard of Storybase. I am sure that will come in handy :D Thanks!
  3. I would like to ask a general question to anyone who is willing to answer. Feel free to share any type of brainstorming technique/method that helps you to create new ideas. I am hoping that I can use one or more of the methods to help come up with ideas that I may not be able to with my normal ways of brainstorming.   The Question: What technique do you use to brainstorm and why? If it is obscure please describe it.   My favorite method of brainstorming is freewriting. I just let my mind wander while I write down everything.
  4. Are there any historical characters/heroes in the fictional world that may be the driving force behind this revolution?   <Insert Name of hero/character>'s Revolution <Insert Name of hero/character>'s Race Is everyone experiencing the revolution at the same time or is the main civilization you are playing as the only one?    If they are experiencing it at the same time: Clockwork Culture(s) Others: Machines of Steam
  5. I like the idea! As for names...If you want to use non-generic names like tower defense or whatever, i recommend using an online thesaurus. Just make sure the synonyms that you find make sense before you actually use them.   Example Names: Tower Race Tower Rush Gem Bind/Bound Gems (in the sense you are putting gems together to create towers) Gem Spires/Towers (depending on how the towers look) Gem Blend Another idea is to make a list of words that you like or that fit the game. Take the list and mix and match words to see if you can create any interesting names. Hopefully that helps, Good luck!