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    Using Agisoft Photoscan to make 3d Models

    I suppose my question has changed. I was wondering if anyone has had any success with it and importing the models and how much work is needed. How much re topology is usually needed if any and how are the uv mappings once you import them. 
  2. Rev6Studios

    Linear Character Development or leave it to the gamer?

    I suppose a good example would be games like mass effect, fable, dragon age. Etc. games that you do have an influence on your character. My concern and how the story line has been written each character has a "growth" persay. Imagine the character development/Story line captivation at some points of a game like "The Last of Us" mixed with a game like "Mass Effect". Is it possible to grasp the best of both worlds and allow control but still follow character development or does that throw it out of the window?
  3. Rev6Studios

    Linear Character Development or leave it to the gamer?

    The story itself is a rather captivating story when I was writing it I had an idea for where I wanted each character to go. I just don't know if allowing a person to control character growth and their personality would take away from the depth of the story. My concern is people will run with their own personalities and have conflicting storyline points for character growth later in the game. If that makes sense. It makes the writing for the game easier but loses the depth. I just cant help but think if there is a way to have both.
  4. Hey guys,                    I have been wondering lately what the average "gamer's" view on this question is. What is more important or has a bigger draw these days? Completely compelling yet linear character development or do people enjoy having control and making their character who they want them to be? With that said in your opinion is there a way to accomplish both? Kind of hit a snag with exactly which pill I wish to swallow.Thanks for the input. -Ethan   www.rev6studios.com
  5. Rev6Studios

    Co-Op has started to vanish

    I suppose you have a point. I guess looking back there has never really been as big a Co-Op scene. I think want the gaming world to give us a captivating Co-Op game and so far there hasn't been that many to come close. I feel like with technology what it is today Sacrificing depth for Co-Op shouldn't Have to happen. Hopefully im right and that will change soon.
  6. Rev6Studios

    Creating open world map

    No, I would only sugguest to evaluate different engines first, even mod-able games. There are even open source engines around (eg Ogre) which you could use as base. I would almost never sugguest to build your own engine nowadays, especially if you are just starting with game development.   Yes, I've rolled out my own engine , because I need a specialized engine too, but this engine is already 15 years in development and by far not as capable as the modern ones, especially if you consider tools too. If you target your own engine, you need to invest lot of time.   Have you been working on your engine by yourself or do you have a team?
  7. Rev6Studios

    Creating open world map

    Even realistic games are often not really realistic at all There are so many factory you need to consider, like visibility (too small), perspective (camera FOV of ~90 vs human FOV of almost 180 degree), thirdperson view (the angle of the camera let details/chacters appear smaller/larger), performance (render a football stadion with 20.000 seats or just 2.000 ). Best to take a 'realistic' game which would came close to your imagined game and analyse it. Walk through the level, take a really close look at the details. Compare it to the character.   Most often a single game do one thing really good (GTA: sense of large,living city) and this little thing is the reason, that they use a specialized game engine. And you will have a really hard time to copy this feature with an other engine. Engine are  often tailored around two or three main features and seldomly are omni-potent.. Therefor, choose your engine by analysing comparable games. Watch trailers, ingame video, play demos etc. to help you decide, which game engine would be more suitable to your vision.   So what you are saying.... Is We need to make our own game engine????  hahaha Challenge accepted
  8. Rev6Studios

    Creating open world map

    Scale is really, really very vague in games: Scale is relative. The perception of scale in games comes from the visual aspect. The brain compares known objects (eg human character, mountain) with other objects in the scene and derives a kind of sense of scale from it. It really doesnt matter at all, if the human is 2m, 1cm or 3.14 km tall ! The physics of a game world need to be much smaller. If you model a human movement speed of 5km/h you would need almost one hour to walk on a 4096m x 4096m map from one side to the other. Now make your map 4096km x 4096km and you would need 1000 hours game time. Games are not about perfect reality and even less about long traveling times.   Therefor, the scale of a world is more an illusion and there are other more important factors for a game world. One of the most important features is: Is the engine capable to render and simulate a game world which delivers the illusion of a large world?   In this sense and in my opinion, cryengine is better suited for this task than udk, even if udk have larger levels on the paper ! Take always a look at referenc games to evaluate a game.   The only problem I have with that and I could be wrong in saying this but if you rely so much on scaling wouldn't you lose detail in doing so. The closer to accurate scale the more realistic detail you can bring forth. Not exactly with the level but with character modeling etc? Again I am not sure if this is the case just seems like it would be true.
  9. Rev6Studios

    Creating open world map

    Thank you. I did some googling as well and I have researched quite a bit about it, but im not engaged in an actual discussion about it. That is why I created this. I didn;t know if anyone had any particular success with either system. Thanks again.
  10. Rev6Studios

    Brainstorming Techniques

    Honestly my best ideas and concepts have come from 40+ hours of no sleep with a small amount of alcohol in the system.. Though not very ethical or healthy I feel it helps. Getting outside of your "normal" mindset is huge and those to variables will definitely do that... With that said.. I have also wanted to through black holes into random points of a game that have nothing to do with space... So maybe it isn't the best way. haha 
  11. Rev6Studios

    Co-Op has started to vanish

    I'm just picturing "The Last of Us" Co-Op now... Thanks -_-
  12. Rev6Studios

    An Ever Changing/Learing AI

    Ah but the Blind man can hear correct? Then wouldn't he have heightened hearing, thus making it possible to hear the differences in the environment and depict the tree in detail. Let alone the ability to touch the tree feel it and describe it in a way that someone with sight would never imagine. Hawking A clear example of someone who is cripple and Mute let alone brilliant has found a way to share mass amounts of information.  We live in a day and age where a "handicap" is not means for a limit of what one can do. Personally, I feel that the person with all of their senses would be the one with the true handicap. They have a under appreciation for everything in life and will never experience what the other two could even begin to thus making him Less "brilliant: 
  13. Rev6Studios

    Co-Op has started to vanish

      I agree with this. The only problem I have is that games like those are very shallow and have no real depth to them. yes they are fun but merely because there is enough enjoyment to last and distract from true lack of story line.     Do you think a game that did have in depth Co-Op experience would have a market. Or would it get pushed under the rug because it isnt GTA or COD? I just wonder how much there actually is an appeal to Those types of games.
  14. Rev6Studios

    Co-Op has started to vanish

        I couldn't agree more I feel like as long as there is some kind of market for it they will continue. One can only pray at least....
  15. Rev6Studios

    Creating open world map

    If you want to use a large island like world, I would take a look at the crytek engine (Crysis/Farcry) which might be better suitable to this task then the more level based UDK engine.             0_o Well now I am confused haha 
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