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  1. How about this for some awesome progress!?
  2. Vorge - HTML5/JS Engine & Editing Suite

    New video, showing off the new interface, and now you get to see the editor actually generating the code!
  3. Each update of this game makes me want it more. Amazing job, so far. The sea looks awesome.
  4. As fantastic as @Screenr is, the 5 minute limit is hindering my ability to communicate effectively. My next dev-vlogs will be up on @YouTube
  5. Vorge - HTML5/JS Engine & Editing Suite

    Here's an updated screeny! Now, the eventing system actually does generate code for you, though I've only done 2 options so far: dialogue (text), and choices. All-in-all, it's gone better than expected so far.  
  6. The 2nd Dev "vlog" for Vorge, the HTML5/JS Game Engine & Editing Suite!
  7. Vorge - HTML5/JS Engine & Editing Suite

    Alright, time for another screencast!   I am finally back on track, and this time saving files all works, beautifully! The interface colours and icons are all temporary, though, so don't worry that it looks ugly.
  8. Hey everyone, I'm kind of raising awareness at the moment, annoying as it is for you to read, lol. Anyways, I've recently started on a project of mine to create an open-source, HTML5/JS game engine, with a complete editing suite (similar to RPG Maker).   There's not a ton of compiled information on it yet, but I do have a couple of screenshots, and a video for you!   Screenshot 1: the map editor   Screenshot 2: creating an event   Here's a screencast that I just did today that very quickly covers the basics of the editor thus far:   At this point, being as early I am into development, I want to get as much feedback as possible from anyone that has used, or will use an engine like this. I want to make it as full and complete as possible, and the best way to do that is to actually understand what everyone wants and needs!
  9. The very first Development "vlog" for Vorge, and HTML5/JS Game Engine & Editing Suite.