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  1. RT @mobileJust4Fun: Tip or hack : use box2d for a perfect "swipe to move" cam (or dragable scene) http://t.co/Ptu1998Pgl #indiegame #gamedev
  2. Short video on why are sounds in games so important. Learn from slot machines - they make a lot of money! https://t.co/WetROQ7FEc
  3. Pixel Art Editor with Realtime Symmetry Editing

      Looks good, thanks!
  4. Zombies and Guns by @InlogicSoftware - it has #zombies and #guns, need I say more? Free shooter game for #Android https://t.co/knCxvUK5XZ
  5. Free e-books from Packt Publishing

    Another giveaway, now for unity book: Unity Android Game Development by Example Beginner's Guide   http://android.kul.is/2014/02/unity-android-game-development-by-example.html   Ends on 28th Feb
  6. html5 mobile web games, engines

      I made a game with phaser for a game jam. It's very easy to learn and quite fast even on mobile. It however does a few simplifications - for example in Physics you can only have box bodies. I find it good for prototyping ideas. Here is a list of phaser games, try them on mobile :)   http://pgl.ilinov.eu/
  7. Pixel Art Editor with Realtime Symmetry Editing

    Thanks both! The smart object looks good. I think the biggest difference between an artist and me is that you can imagine the final product, I can't :)
  8. Mobile Game Design Essentials free e-book, only until 9th February! #bookgiveaway http://t.co/YxFy7FwhaE
  9. Hi, I am looking for a pixel art editor, even a simple one, that would allow me to define an axis of symmetry that would work realtime. In other words, when I draw a pixel on the right side of the axis, it will put the same pixel on the left side as well.   I am not an artist and I don't really work with any graphics software, therefore I have little idea whether this exists or maybe even has a name :)   Thanks for any ideas.
  10. Free e-books from Packt Publishing

    The previous giveaway is over, but I have another book now :)   Mobile Game Design Essentials http://android.kul.is/2014/02/mobile-game-design-essentials-review.html   The contest ends on 9th February
  11. I have made a deal with Packt Publishing to offer free e-books about Android (game) development on my website. Right now I am offerring AndEngine for Android Game Development Cookbook. If anyone is interested, read more:   http://android.kul.is/2014/01/andengine-for-android-game-development.html   Disclaimer: I do it to get more readers to my website of course. But at the same time, you can get a free e-book. If this message is considered a spam on this forum, let me know.