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  1. Mosquito - Input Mapping Library

    I've tested the library for about a week now and I think it has its place. I've tried to solve the input mapping myself but that was tied down with SDL completely. And I never really got to ingame remapping. I'm considering using this on top of OIS for my 3D game. But do I have to build it myself and bundle it with my game? Or will there be some binary releases? Also it would be nice to have the examples broken down into tutorials instead. So that each step is explained. Pretty much what is in the comments, but it would be easier to read since the examples don't have syntax highlighting. Regards Mike
  2. TinyXML++

    Attach a TiXmlHandle to the document: [code]TiXmlHandle docHandle(&XMLdoc);[/code] Then you can ask for the Settings element, which would be the root. And from that element you can get the other two. Btw, I think it would be better if avoid having two elements with the same name but different sets of attributes. That way your parser won't have to try all combinations when parsing such an item. You could use this approach for example: [code]<setting name="resolution" value="800x600"/> <setting name="fullscreen" value="off"/>[/code] Regards Mike