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  1. So i want to design games and i dont mean i want to design its art but it doesnt mean i want  to chew on a code all day for some silly flash game either  what it means is that i want to create the idea its concept,rules mechanics and balance the title for this job i think is lead game designer however most companies already have the idea to begin with as it is the base of the industry the ones that are actually hiring require previous experience and i have not seen any apprentice offerings what so ever but i would be willing to study for as much as 6 years for masters  degree if i have to however i dont know what should i study exactly i live in Lithuania the quality of education (and mostly everything else) is poor  so i will have to study abroad and they should give student loans because im broke.... i heard UK is such place.... another option i thought of is to get into QA as a game tester but i feel that very likely it would give no fruit to my ultimate goal   To summarize the big line of text above :   My ultimate goal: Lead game designer for major titles (hopefully not crippled by deadlines budget or  profit driven capitalists... that still doesnt mean i want to create Indie games in the dungeon though)   What i want from you:Tips on helping to clear the path to my goal for example help deciding where and what exactly should i study keeping in mind that im broke and living in Lithuania and more interested in actually designing the game not programing but if thats the only way ill ever do it - so be it   - MeCho
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