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  1. leetNightshade

    New Software and Server for

    I think old comments were broken, mine aren't showing up. Articles navigation is annoying, I want to see all programming articles, not just a specific category. Too many different things to keep track of when I want to see more than several categories. Front page is noisy, at first glance most of the content seem like ads, and front page is actually pretty stuffed full of ads.
  2. This post seems like a no brainer to me? If you're trying to write lots of parsers and tools for a very small project you need to quickly iterate on and don't have a lot of time to work on, you're overengineering and have a problem. Cut through the bullshit, and work on what needs to get done instead of wasting your time on things that don't have to be done with the time you have. It's a personal problem, through lack of good organization and time management. I have that problem with my personal stuff.  But also because of that, this approach isn't useful to anyone in the work world where you do need to develop tools and provide good support for a project. I was hoping to get something useful out of this post to apply to the real world.
  3. leetNightshade

    A Spin-off: CryEngine 3 SDK Checked with PVS-Studio

        I'm a game developer with full source access to CryEngine. I thought I would point out that CryEngine has C++ exceptions disabled; the engine does lots of error handling.  If a fatal error occurs, the CryFatalError macro is called, which calls the environment system's FatalError method, triggering an assert popup followed by closing the application.  CryEngine has a global overridden new, which is common among game engines. If there is an issue inside of new, an exception isn't thrown, an error is triggered if the CryMemoryManager chooses to do so; it could choose to ignore it and return NULL.   The overridden new in CryEngine never throws c++ exceptions.
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