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  1. Hey people i want to invite you to join the community about my Rpg game project, join us and help or talk with us about it   High Fantasy RPG Open Source is made with Mongame and C#, features a 2d tile based engine and use art graphics based from High Fantasy medieval genre... Forum page:  
  2. Warcraft 3 conquest mod style mmorts

    Hi i have created a community for Warcraft 3 related about my mod, you can check for it here, join us:
  3. Prince Game Xna

    I want to share you my xna prince game source code, you can help us to continue developtment or download for testing it...   This game is made using prince of persia free resources, also the game engine is created by Andrea Fallapi and supported by me.       Source code:    
  4. Warcraft 3 Conquest features a persistent world using Warcraft 3 engine powered by jass scripting and mysql database. Warcraft 3 custom mod, using third party application. This is my firt mod for the game, ill will use jass scripting and third party application for manage the databases and the game information.   Features: -Persistent world. -Each user can have their own capital city map. -Missions and achievements. -Players can interact with other maps, but not with online gaming. Gameplay. Player create an accout, choice a race, and start their capital city, after that do missions and upgrade the army, also can visit ally towns or attack enemies. Screenshoots. [hidden=] [/hidden] Recruitment. We are looking for mappers and good jass scripters, if you are interested please send me a mail to Credits. Warcraft 3 World Editor and jass Blizzard Visual Studio 2010 professional Microsoft  
  5. Hi, i recently discovered a prince game port in xna Chsarp, by a guy called Andrea Fallapi and i decided to continue the project, and work test with it, also i want to request some help for improve it, if you like join us at:  
  6. Royalty-free 2D graphics

    You can offer services and products in this website???
  7. Hi, you, today im want to share my firts steps or my xna platformer game, using xna platformer starter kick and is free licence.   The game is called contrast, and will consist into complete some black and white levels, with different kind of traps enemies..   Also it includes a windows forms level editor. Comment, give opinion and ideas.   Download test buiid:    
  8. Hi, we want to announce the start of a communirt based only in visual studio net and csharp game development, there will be games samples, source codes and you can talk and learn about programming in visual studio.   Join the community:
  9. A good engine for GameDev...

    I was tough if there is a really good engine for my experience in programming, i know a lot visual net and csharp and uses xna, but i think that is not enough to make really interesting games without so much coding, anyone know a good engine to developt games, without needs of a lot of coding...
  10. This is my firts important game made with visua .net and powered by xna framework and bass.   Sims World is a simulation strategy based minigame, simple but fun and inspired by sims style and smcity logic, the main purpose of game is try to allow users control map areas based on ea lands world, and build locations like cities, airports, seaports, trainstations, ecologic parks, electrical plant and others, and get controll over new areas by having better resources and money spent.   Here are some images, firts lookout:    
  11. Hi, i want to post today my new elder scrolls roleplay community, we are just starting, support us and join, and have fun, The community is about roleplay based on Tamriel in second era, you can also talk about elder scrolls games in offtopic, and there are good lore plans and events for players.   Features: -Interesting forum with custom profile statistics, like gender, race, class, job, etc. -Portal with chat. -Polls about lore and so much things comming:   more information:
  12. [Android] Zombie Cubes! :D

    Lol , looks very fun, you can make windows version???
  13. Do you recommned unity for gaming development?
  14. After trying to make a game using visual basic, i decided to change to some different method, now ill make this new game:   ADVENTURE WORLD ONLINE.   This game will feature eclipse origins engine, to make 2d mmorpgs, i have started making some gui changes and graphics implementation.     Please make suggestions, ill create the post about story gameplay and information....
  15. What should i do now then, rename the game, or game all themed features???? Becuase i have advanced a little in development progress.