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  1. I am pretty sure this would be done by rendering a 3D model and applying some shader like a cel shader is this correct? http://image-gj.9game.com/2014/12/6/9168951_.png
  2. Never heard of the facebook stalking technique or pretending to be attractive girls, sounds pretty creepy, is that not illegal?   When I first heard of the freemium model years ago I though it was an extremely dirty lowlife technique to use to try and lure money out of people, it's reminds me of payday loan companies here in the UK, or all the other financial sharks out there trying to pry money out of you in one way or another.   It's the temptation they try and lure you with, obviously, they can always say, 'it's your choice to pay', but I suppose some people with a more additive personality, gamblers mentality or need to think they are above 'everyone' else will cause various amounts of grief somewhere down the line.   It probably(maybe not that much) creates some kind of tension for the younger ones also, i.e 'my dad just bought me 10000 gems how many gems do you have etc.' in other words it can classify people into classes of salary. But then you could say that about thousands of products in the market and this has been going on for many centuries.   We live in a consumer world, so many products out there this is just another product.   As said above however, premium games will generally be much cheaper than freemium as freemium games have been designed so that there is usually not much point in say buying 100 coins for £1.99, it will advance you such a little way in the game that you really need to keep buying and buying more credits. Although it's pretty tempting to have the odd £1.99 purchase. I am actually surprised that the government haven't put some regulations on this to a degree, or maybe they have. I think Supercell were/are making something like $900 million a year.   Overall I would have to say it's more a curse than a good thing, how could it ever really be a good thing.
  3. I am a Brit. I would guess most British are not that aware of all the ins and outs of the debates or candidates however I have personally watched one of the republican debates[the latest one] and quite a few video of Trump. I have to say that I am pretty amazed at the standard of the GOP candidates though, they are awful, you have created some of the best minds and inventions in the world yet this is all you can offer. I think Trump has some decent points with regard to trade that China and Mexico are ripping the US off however his foreign and most other domestic policies are pretty dangerous. I would guess that Hilary Clinton will win after watching this.
  4. rAm_y_

    Getting into motion capture

    You may be better off hiring a studio for a day. Just need to do your research thoroughly beforehand as to what data you will need to capture.
  5. It's a big topic I know, but for some rough idea, lets say you have a phone for which the manufacturer hasn't released a verion of lollipop for yet, yet you have the latest linux kernel and the latest Android source, well how much work is needed to port these two sources to a particular phone. You would need the correct drivers compiled into the kernel for that phone, roughly how would you approrach the interface between the Android java source and the kernel then?   Is this a huge amount of work, or has most of the work been done already?
  6. Does anyone know anything about this, both pre smart phone era and current non smart phones, I'm pretty sure a lot of them used/use the Symbian OS, would these games be created in Java, can anyone shed any knowledge. What languages/tools are used. Just curious really.
  7. You need to sign and align every apk you create, SHA1 like MD5 is a hashing function used with a password you will be asked for when you go through this process, like this,   First generate a key, replace 'my-release-key.keystore' with any name you want.   keytool -genkey -v -keystore my-release-key.keystore -alias cert -keyalg RSA -keysize 2048 -validity 10000   Then sign the apk, replace myapk with the name of your apk.   jarsigner -verbose -sigalg SHA1withRSA -digestalg SHA1 -keystore my-release-key.keystore myapk.apk cert   Verify the signing worked.   jarsigner -verify -verbose -certs myapk.apk   Align the apk.   zipalign -v 4 myapk.apk myapk_final.apk   https://developer.android.com/tools/publishing/app-signing.html
  8. rAm_y_

    What need to learn gpp?

    Go for mobile platforms, iOS and Android, they are the big thing at the moment. Be under no illusions however, game programming is complicated. Why not use an engine like you described. Many languages can be used, C, C++, JS, HAXE, JAVA.... It's not so much about the language rather the underlying graphics libraries that can support the language.
  9. Have you tried Revo uninstaller?   http://www.revouninstaller.com/revo_uninstaller_free_download.html
  10. As far as I know Apple haven't wanted to support flash for some time. So is there any point in making a flash game for iOS/Android? Also if you did use flash for say Android, how would you use C++ with it?
  11. rAm_y_

    Would you try free PC and laptop repair?

    What are your longer term goals, how are you going go to pay your rent/bills, are you hoping that donations will do this are that you can built a reputation/experience and eventually go commercial? I actually did a similar thing about 7 years ago for a year, worked at a charity that took in old equipment and passed it onto the community. I was surprised that there were quite a few people of all ages(mainly elderly) that were completely computer illiterate. We generally had a small cache of hardware and would swap parts around to build half decent PC's. As was said though your real problem is liability and new parts, if you took apart a laptop for example and shorted the motherboard it could cost you £150-300 for a new motherboard and then a few days to arrive. Where are you going to get new parts for cheaper prices what happens if you order the wronf part, what happens if the part your ordered is broken. You have no have no industry contacts for wholesale prices.   PC repair shops have a cache of parts in stock. You could run into a lot of issues and people hate parting with money I'm afraid. It's an honorable idea however but you'd need a bulletproof disclaimer. WE WILL TRY TO FIX IT BUT IF WE BREAK IT THEN TOUGH COOKIES!
  12. rAm_y_

    How to make 3D art look more like a 2d?

    You can render 3D art to 2D and use sprite sheets for the animations, if you pull it off well it looks pretty much 3D, it's generally called 2.5D although the lines blur a bit with 2.5D. I would say it's a 2D game as you never see complete 360deg rotation of anything which is the whole point of 3D.   As buckeye said, essentially everything is 2D as monitors are 2D(physically), the trick of 3D however is allowing every angle to be viewed pretty much instantaneously giving the illusion of 3D. That takes a lot more work both software and hardware wise.
  13. Basic idea. Say for an mmo, the client does the majority or the work but stores/retrieves vital data from a server. Now this would ideally be sent via a highly encrypted tcp ssl connection. So I am assuming that the ssl connection makes it difficult to packet sniff packets and hence find out what bytes do what.   However before being sent over ssl, the bytes sent must at one point be put into memory, and memory can be read. I assume it's easier to work out what is being sent/recieved via packet sniffing than by trying to work out what is going on directly in memory?   From what I can see, with decompilers, dissemblers and a good bit of trial and error and perseverance, hackers can plough through memory locations to try and work out what bytes correspond to what aspects of the game and there is no way to prevent this?
  14. Watching political and financial documentaries.
  15. rAm_y_

    Why do you need the .h .cpp AND .lib files?

    To answer your questions, generally you would only have the .h and lib files. As you said the lib is the compiled .source code (.cpp), however you may also have three, maybe not all the source is compiled into the .lib, maybe you have a config .cpp file also for example.   Try removing the cpp file(s) and compiling and see if you get any errors. Make sure you link the lib file though in the IDE project settings.
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