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  1. Everyone should check out www.getmyo.com. A new generation of gaming could be on the rise?
  2. Is story important in games?

    Hey everyone,   I feel a story is one of the most important parts for a video game. Think about it more like this, everyone wants to know what they are doing the things they are doing. A story helps give the player an understanding of the roles they are taking on.   Eric Danielson
  3. Hobbies for game developers

    Hey everyone,   I found myself hand writing books to help me escape technology to give myself a brake, but then the stories made me want to experience what I was writing. Now on the side I travel when I am able to get time off of work. In addition to that I started cliff jumping, scuba diving, and paint balling. It is a huge change of pace, and to be honest those moments are the times I feel most alive.   By the way it is remarkable some of the hobbies I have read that other people have!   Have a great one everybody!   Eric Danielson
  4. Games Are a Whole New Form of Storytelling

    Games have always had the possibility and the evidence that storytelling in games is one of the greatest methods of portraying a story. They take the reader (a.k.a the player), and immerse them deep into the plot. Though what makes video game the greatest methods of storytelling, is the fact that yes every story will have the same ending but the path that is taken to achieve that ending is changed person to person.