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  1. Say that I am making a game where you can wear hats, is it allowed to have hats and masks etc in the game that refers to other products? Such as a mario and luigi hat (red hat with a m on it etc) and a helmet from bubba fett from star wars etc? I have noticed that Dino Run have these for example: https://dinorun.fandom.com/wiki/Hats I am unsure what the legal procedure is around this though if any? I doubt that Dino Run developers have sought rights from nintendo and lucas arts?
  2. I am going to make ground tiles for a game and I wonder if it is possible in some program (I mainly use Photoshop so if it is possible in that it would be great) to paint the tiles and be able to see directly how it would look like when tiled together? For example say that I want to make a ground tile that is 32x32, it would be so great if I could see in realtime while I am painting on this small tile how this tile will actually look like if it would be tiled together as it will be in the game, so as to avoid strange overlaps etc in the tile graphics that I might only see when it is tiled together in a bunch of tiles. I hope my question makes sense.
  3. For a long while there have been a message on iTunes Connect about changes in the chinese law of cencur and licence. "Chinese law now requires online games to secure an approval number from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film, and Television. ". There is a link to a site in chinese after this. So far I have not noticed anything strange, but after updating my app on the 3:rd of april I have noticed a huge drop in downloads from China. The strange thing is that this drop was not only for the app I updated, but for all my apps. I got a drop in downloads of about 80-90% from China, and it is a big deal since China was one of my top download countries. Have anyone else noticed this? I am unsure if this got triggered somehow because I made an update to one of my apps and that got me in the spotlight of this, or if this is a general decrease for everyone? Also, have anyone looked into getting an approval number for China? I read an article and it seems totally crazy insane and involves sending an actual device to the China goverment with the game on it to be approved!: https://zhugeex.com/2016/07/the-chal...game-in-china/
  4. mileafly

    High or low traffic at launch

    In essence my question is this in short:   Is it better to get 1000 downloads from low tier countries vs 100 downloads from first tier countries when it comes to getting that initial "push" up the rankings and to get some kind of traction. The lower ties countries are worth less in case of potential revenue back since they tend to pay less for inapps etc. But when it comes to just building traction for the app maybe the volume of downloads is more important? (more downloads since you pay less for every user)   So it might be wise to target low tier countries in the beginning, since the volume you can get back is higher (even though actual revenue back might be lower per user)   To be even more clear I am talking about aquiring users through ads. And lets assume it is a good app.   Also I am curious what "alternative ways to spend your money reaching people" could be besides ads?
  5. I wonder if anyone here have experience with running facebook ads for getting clicks and installs of their app/game? (I dont have an sdk installed that can track installs so I pay by click) I have a couple of questions.   1. FIrstly when they talk about "link clicks" do that mean actual clicks to the store? Because their description of it is a bit vauge and seem to also include things like liking the ad I think. Also since I am running video ads I am wondering if even starting the video counds as a click. In the description it say that only clicks on a video that is embedded on another site counts as a link click though. The reason I am extra sceptical to this though is that the total views in my storepage does not seem to correlate in how many link clicks I got (store views are often less than actual link clicks)   2. iTunes Connect have a really nice feature where you can create a custom campaign link that gives a custom adress to your storepage, you can then use this link to track views and installs. However it does not seem to be possible to insert this custom link into facebook ads and have it tracked that way because it seems facebook ads use the generic link once it finds the app on the store. Is there any way to do this though some way?
  6. I am very very new to doing marketing campaigns at the launch of an app to get some traction, but I have been experimenting a bit. As a new and one-man indie you have to keep your bid level very low though. As far as I know this means I won't get many users from 1:st tier countries like USA, Germany etc because I will be outbid on those (could I still get some you think with a very low bid?).   My question though is if it is still better to focus on low tier countries at the beginning of an app launch since that means lower cost = more downloads for the money. So say just as an example for $1000 you might get 1000 downloads from a 3:rd tied country but only 100 for the same money from a 1:st tier. Would not the 1000 downloads be better to build traction in the beginning, even though you might earn less from inapps and it is not from 1:st tier countries like US etc?   Or are downloads and traction in one country not transfered to others? LIke if I have many downloads in India, will that not help with getting discovered in US? My gut feeling is that it should help on Google Play since the rating and downloads number seem to be shared. But on iOS it seem that total ratings are individual for each country?   Anyone know about all this?
  7. I just released a new app that is localized in 12 different languages. However on the iTunes store page, it is just listed "Languages: English" I have added translated descriptions etc in Itunes Connect, but I assume this is not what determines how many languages is listed in the store? Do anyone know how I can show that my app supports all the languages I have localized it for on the itunes store?
  8. This is just something I have been thinking about in the last days since it seems that Trump will win the election. I know he wants to keep the money inside the US and make it harder for trade across the border (?) Will this have any effect for developers that live in other countries though, like in the EU? I am thinking mostly when it comes to revenue from sites like Steam, iTunes and Google Play etc. Many countries have some kind of agreement so that the US does not withdraw 30% tax or something. Could things like this be removed?   Anyone have any insight into this?
  9. This is something that is very confusing to me. I have often heard that you should start your marketing early and that it is good to contact press etc about a review of the game a while before the release of the game (2-3 weeks maybe) so if they want to write a review they could publish it on the same day you release. But how do you provide a review copy of the game for iOS and Android?   On Steam it is very easy, you can just create press keys that you then send out and the reviewers and press can access the game with the code before official release as if it was any other game. But there is nothing like this on iOS and Android?   On Android I guess one option would be to provide an apk of the game, but that is kind of a pain to install and I doubt everyone even know how to install a stand alone apk on the device.   On iOS it seems even worse? If I want to test my app before release I need to install provisional profile on my devices, and I think I also need to add those devices to my developer portal. So you can't just provide a file there I think.. and I don't think many press people would go through all those steps to try out the game.   So how to do this, and what do other developer and you do to tackle this? Is there even a way?
  10. About Earthworm Jim, it was one of my favorite games when growing up. But in the case of this game, the player shoots invisible bullets, but as far as I can recall there are no enemies that does? That is the biggest problem. To have enemies that shoot "invisible" bullets, but at the same time have a mechanic where you can actually "protect" yourself in some way from them with cover/dodge without it feeling unfair.
  11. I have been thinking of a great setting for a game, but my problem is that I am unsure if the game mechanics I am looking for that would fit with the setting I am after is possible. Basically I want to make a kind of sidescrolling "Hotline Miami", the problem is that I don't know if a game like that is even possible because I can't think of one. All sidescrolling "shooters" I can think about use visible slow bullets that you avoid. Do anyone know of any example of a game that is sidescrolling but have mechanics where the player and the enemies shoot at each other, but without visible bullets?   Alternative, any game with a kind of "overview" viewpoint, but where the characters are visible from the side? Like the view in Don't Strave for example (but with firefights without visible bullets) http://www.keengamer.com/Image/Image/16176
  12. Nanohah: Can I create a graph like in my picture example where the x axis has the date and I can just add in new numbers on those dates and it will save it? It does not need to be online.   Buster2000: It sounds complicated to deal with an API for this, I need to also make a webpage to use it?       What I am looking for is very basic in my eyes, just some chart where I can create items and then insert numbers for specific dates and it should show them up at those dates, and I can look at it over the week, month or year etc and also toggle individual items on or off to hide and show them in the graph.
  13. Do anyone know any good site or program where you can make nice easy graphs that are displayed over time? I have looked at a few, but I have not found one that seem to be focused on what I want.   What I basically want is an X axis that is the date, and you can choose how long you want to see, like last 7 days, or a month a year etc. And then you can add "items" that you can toggle on or off, like for example say you wanted to record your income in one item and how many kcal you eat in another. Then you would just insert those numbers and what date they refer to and you could see their graph show up. Then you could toggle items on or off if you want to show them.   Basically like this graph, where you have one line with the date, and the other with numbers and then you have different colored lines for different items and you can toggle them on or off to show or hide them: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4047131/5/2016-05-11_115901.png
  14. Sorry I am primary asking about Android. But also iOS
  15. I am making an app with 12 different languages that I am translating to. And this time I also want the actual inapp currency to be translated to all languages. The problem is that whenever I test my app the inapp shows up in "kr" (sek) since I am living in Sweden. Do anyone know how I can change this to make them show up in dollars or yen or whatever? I need to test properly since I will convert the string to a blitter. I have tried to change the language option in the mobile setting but that does not affect the retrieved inapp currency on any app, they still are shown in swedish sek.
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