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  1. Can you clarify what you mean by VCS?
  2. I'm organising a collaboration between a few members - a simple project just to get practise as working as part of a team etc. What's the best way to manage the source code? I've created a github repo for the project but it is the first time I've used github for this purpose. How do the other members push their completed code into the project etc? Another issue is that I'm on holiday for 2 weeks from the middle of the week so I won't be around to control the repo. Can other members modify/add/push code to it in my absence? Any tips guys?
  3. Game Dev Study Group

    I'm interested as well guys, but of c# knowledge, made a few small games in unity. Looking to get better though
  4. Its been a week now?!?!?
  5. anyone else had this issue? ive posted an update to my app but it hasnt pushed through to the store after a few days. i have also tried changing the listing, the listing has changed on my dev dashboard but not in the store. here is another person with the same issue:   http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23121895/my-android-app-is-not-being-updated-on-the-google-play-store   ive emailed google but no response as of yet
  6. using a graphical icon as a button

    got it, attach a script with 'OnMouseDown' function
  7. i have a .png on the start scene of my unity project that i want to use as a button to start the game. How do i make it happen? i know how to load scenes but am confused on how to register a mouse click on an object
  8. ive been taking part in http://www.reddit.com/r/gameaweek/ . basically one week to produce something. this week i made this: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.worldofwelly.fartyturd   yes its bad, but im a learner, and i actually finished it!
  9. Beginning iOS development

    Have you thought of unity? You can punish for all major platforms and can use Java script or c#
  10. anyone want some gfx practise?

    Thanks hodgeman
  11. anyone want some gfx practise?

    what is that even meant to be??  
  12. im taking part in game a week challenges on reddit, Im a beginner at unity so im using it as an opportunity to learn how it works etc.   For this weeks challenge im making 'super farty turd' - basically a quick and simple flappy bird ripoff. Anyone want to help by contributing art assets? Im not charging for anything i make and i am not putting ads in either. Its simply an exercise to help me get better!   I'd be more than willing to add you to the credits for the app when i publish it on the play store, just think of it as an opportunity to practise and possibly add something to your portfolio.   I'll upload the app to the play store as it is now so you will know what you will get yourself involved in...........Art i think would be good - store icon, game icon, couple of buttons for main screen and a better flying turd than i drew.   Maybe a bit childish but the whole point of this exercise was to go from start to finish with a project.   As soon as the game is on the play store i will post the link here   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.worldofwelly.fartyturd thats the play store listing, it might not be active yet due to it taking a while to appear
  13. spawn GameObject at certain position

    thanks for that advice. i didnt think about creating an empty object!
  14. spawn GameObject at certain position

    i had a script attached to the ball called ballcontroller. when i first started i wanted a quick way to get the ball in the middle of the screen so my ballcontroller.start() contained this line:   transform.position = new Vector2 (0, 0);   When i was instantiated a new ball the start() was moving it back to 0,0,0. What i have done is removed that and instantiated the ball using my gamecontroller script which is attached to main camera, creating a spawnball() in ballcontroller to handle new balls.   ive made this so difficult by not planning it all beforehand. Adding new features sometimes means i have to redo a lot of code . note to self for next time i suppose!