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  1. 110 Puzzles for Kids - Windows Phone 8

    Hey guys! My brother just released game for the youngest ones - 3 and 4 year kids - 110 Puzzles for Kids. As he says..:   110 Puzzles for Kids is a free, simple logical game for 2- and 3-year-old toddlers. The game will help your children expand their visual-motor coordination and precision. Simple, clear-cut shapes of the puzzles are designed to help develop your child’s observation skills and visual memory. Cute and colorful pictures of everyday life objects, toys, animals and dinosaurs will keep your child busy playing and learning at the same time!   Link:   If any Windows Phone 8 owner would like to spend some time with this game - all the comments are important for him Thanks !
  2. [FREE][Android][WEB] TapTap Fruits ! - patience game

    Re-upload, unfortunetelly something gone wrong. Current adress on Google Play: Web Application wasn't updated lately.   Feel free to comment or/and play of course :)
  3. [FREE][Android][WEB] TapTap Fruits ! - patience game

    Okay!   Update 1.1 now available -   Features: - online leaderboards - online achievements    all the stuff via Google Play Services - still ad and spam free :)   Please give any feedback on this Android version - I hope it works well on any phone, but not sure. Every single install appreciated.
  4. Heyy! Just some weeks after my first posts on ( with my first public indie game! 'Flappy Ghost' ) I realized, that I should change engine.   And.. guess what.. of course Unity was my choice because of multiple platforms and 2d games support.   However, here's my second game. Totally indie project - TapTap Fruits. Game was created in about 2 hours, later some screenshots and two builds (web and android).   Game is difficult 'cause it's some kind of patience game. We can't tap as fast as possible to win - here we have to wait and all time stay ready to click.   Check it out for Android and for Web Browser:   Hope you enjoy it, and remember.. it's difficult..    SPAM AND AD FREE!     (Android update 1.0.2 is oncoming, probably today (13.04.2014) at 7pm will be available) 
  5. Flappy Boo Ghost - probably just a next 'flappy like' game

    And here's what my friends did @
  6. Flappy Boo Ghost - probably just a next 'flappy like' game

    Hope mine one's game that people can stand a bit longer 
  7. Hey guys! This is my first post on forum, so .. be nice please - hope I'm not 'breaking law' or something.. Last days I've created a "flappy game" - not really much - mine graphics, the code is partly from engine samples.   I'm quite experienced video games developer, but in HTML5 I'm just a beginner. My next objective is to rewrite this game in some normal (or at least fully featured) html5 engine, currently it runs on PandaJS and.. I'm not really happy with it.   If you're not yet too bored with those flappy games, or just want to make a 5min break - please check it out and comment    LINK: