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  1. I find planning before I code works well for me. I draw flow charts and graphs to help work out program flow and logic. I also write most of my code in my head and then type it up once I have it all worked out, I find this works best for me.
  2. tanger32au

    Converting password to number

    Thanks for the replies.   This is for a game I am making which is for my own use with a view to letting other people download it and play it if they want.   I am limited by the programming language I am using (JustBasic) so I am trying to make it the best / most secure I can within the limits of JustBasic.
  3. Hi all, As part of the login process for my game I am storing the username / password in a file. To protect this and stop people using the password I have written some code to take the password, convert this to ASCII code, preform two mathematical operations and save this to a file.   Having undertaken some testing of my code I have found a couple of things: 1) Entering "Paul" produces the same result as "luaP" 2) Entering "Lisa" produces the same result as "Bart". Paul = 180730 luaP = 180730 Lisa = 178093 Bart = 178093   Here is the code I have written. This is taken from my game but changed slightly to work as a standalone program.   [CreatePassword] PasswordCreate$ = "" length = 0 PasswordCreateText = 0 PasswordCreatePro$ = "" cls Input "Enter a password: "; PasswordCreate$     length = len(PasswordCreate$)     for A = 1 to length         PasswordCreatePro$ =  mid$(PasswordCreate$, A)         PasswordCreateText = PasswordCreateText + asc(PasswordCreatePro$)       next A   PasswordCreateText = PasswordCreateText  * 293 PasswordCreateText = PasswordCreateText + 62944   Print ""; PasswordCreateText   open "PassWordChecker_Temp.spf" for append as #UC print #UC, ""; PasswordCreate$;  " = "; PasswordCreateText close #UC   input "? "; RunChoice$ if RunChoice$ = "q" then gosub [EndOfTest] gosub [CreatePassword]   [EndOfTest] notice "Program closed" end   Paul
  4. tanger32au

    Login Process

      This is what I have at the moment except without the password part. I want to make it so that the user has to login to the game with a pass code of some sort so that others can't stuff it up for them.
  5. tanger32au

    Login Process

    I am developing a text based game at the moment which I started two years ago, I am just getting back in to it now.   My plan is to have a system where people can try and compete for a high score via an online system, of course to do this the scoring system needs to be secure and not able to be tampered with. I have coded up this part of the game to the point where I am happy with the security of it. Now I am thinking of adding a login type system where the first time the game is run the user creates a username / pass code which is then used in the future to login.   My thoughts on doing this are: - Username + pass code - Certificate file + pass code (the certificate file could be portable for use on other computers) - Just a pass code - Secret question + pass code   If you have done something like this yourself in the past what level of security did you decide to implement?   Paul
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