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  1. Hi guys, I'm a professional sound designer & composer/man on a mission with a huge interest in indie games development. One thing I notice a lot in indie games is that the audio is usually the weakest area of most games and that audio seems to be the thing that's overlooked time and time again in games development. I want to try and make it easier for yourselves, the indie dev community, to easily get access to the sort of good quality audio assets that you need, as I get the impression from speaking to a few people that a decent number of good quality sounds that fit together are either too expensive, too hard to find or implement properly and as such it puts a lot of people off trying to use audio to it's fullest potential in their games. I'm hoping to to put together a selection of user-friendly, budget-priced sample packs made for specifically for indie devs, with a wide collection of some of the most likely sounds that you might need (ambiences/foley/menu & gui sounds/weapons/etc.) and in numerous styles (cartoon/retro/action/scifi/etc) in the hope that they will fit hopefully all or if not the vast majority of your requirements.   I am also considering including pdf tutorial files in these sample packs that not only explain some of the technical jargon (sample rates/bit rates/file formats/compression/etc.) but that also give some suggestions on how to implement it properly and how to use it to your advantage to make your game feel more user-friendly and polished overall. Is this something that any of you might be interested in? In order to create the most effective and useful sample packs, I'd really like to hear about your thoughts, ideas and experiences using audio in games and hopefully find out a bit about things like where you get your sounds from and how much you're willing to pay for audio for your project. I'd also really like to hear about what sort of problems you encounter with finding good quality samples and what issues you come across integrating audio into your games. I'm very open to suggestions or requests so please feel free to let me know what you think. Thanks, Tom  
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