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  1. Where should start?

    Do you know if c++ or Python is better to start out with for what I'm doing? If so, you may suggest the best learning guides for it. (Youtube, book, ect.)
  2. Where should start?

    Hello, I'm interested in making small battle simulator games. If I ever get good enough, I may want to make my own mmo. After playing many jrpgs I can't resist making my own. I've come up with ways to make these kinda games fun, yet fair. I have many ideas I want to express but I know that I need to learn a lot about programming. However, I have absolutely no idea where to start. I don't know anything about programming, but I've done a little maya. But I realized that it's going to take too much time to make 3d games. I know a little how to draw so that kinda got me inspired me to make 2d games. Please I need your help. I have absolutely no idea where to start. I heard about people learning bad softwares and having to relearn everything with a new one. I don't want this to happen to me. Thanks :) By the way, how diiferent is the process of making an rpg, orpg, and an mmorpg?
  3. Maybe only the planes in its range get hit but all recieve the same amount of damage.
  4. My world driven game idea

    Also, could you make suggestions on how to implement strategies into a game like this? There are elemental weaknesses but that's not enough. Could a strategy be that yoj have to attack the enemy at a certain point? (i.e. Front, back, side, ect) I'm not sure what exactly what to do. How do other games do this?
  5. I've been thinking about how this game will work and run. Here it is so far. This game is world driven. This means that everything you do effects your surroundings. The creatures in this game could eventually die out if you killed enough. In other words, they don't respawn. Only breed. I read that before posting you shouldn't talk about making an mmo. However, I can always find a way to make this an orpg or just an rpg. However, I don't understand why making an mmorpg is impossible without lots of equipment. Minecraft is an indie developed game that you can play online with many people. (At least that's what I've heard) This is primarly a sandbox game. However, I've been thinking of making this game driven with a story I wrote. Races: Humans, Fae, Elf, Dragonkin Genders: Male, Female Ages: Child (chibi-ish), teen, adult Classes: Hunter: Bow/Knife (long ranged) Maruder: Battle axe/Mace (slow/big atk.) Warrior: Sword/Lance (quick/weak atk.) Adept: Wand/Staff (Magical Attack) Protecter: Wand/Staff (Healing/defence) Battle system: Health ////////// Rush/Mana ////////// 2 types of attacks- A: Weak attacks but raise Rush/mana B: strong attacks but lower it. Also, If you spend a certain amount of r/m 3 different times, you can summon your guardian. This system allows you to continuously attack while being able to limit strong attacks being used all the time. Questing: this is where the game gets unique. You create YOUR OWN quests. In most mmos you do a quest for an npc and then they are like "whos next in line to do what you JUST DID?" So unrealistic... It may seem impossible for this to work but I found a way. This game is world driven. I'll explain in the details. Every city/shrine has demands. Ex. Weapons, armor, bearskins. (I'm not kidding. A city could actually run out of a certain type of item to sell.) Based on a demand you can create a quest you and your friends could complete. When you complete it, you gain honor and money from the city/shrine. Too lazy to go back and buy an item in a city too far away from you at the moment? Why not make a quest that requires that another player to buy and return it to you? You get the item, they get the experience. Everyone's happy. Elements: Fire, water, earth, wind, ice, lightning, dark, light. Professions: Erbalism, mining, blacksmith, armorer, weaver, carpenter, cook, Crafter I read that before posting you shouldn't taljk about making an mmo. However, I can always find a way to make this an orpg or just an rpg. I'd appreciate most feedback on the battle system. I think it's one of the main things that stands out in this game. In other games you would either have to wait for your moves to charge up or refill your mana with items. These mechanics don't help much with games but many developers use them anyways.