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  1. Hey there friends!   This is my first time here, so my apologies if I have done something wrong.   I have been working on a 2D sandbox game (using Java) as my first serious project. Of course it is not done yet, but it is playable... and a bit fun   I made 2 DevLogs demonstrating the features of the game: 1. General discussion about the game itself. 2. "Update": Interactable Blocks. (Sorry for my bad English, it is not my native language... )   I am not yet interested in posting the game for download, neither its source code because it is far from being finished... (To Do list: in game sound effects, multiplayer,  tools,  uses of levels and experience, "unlimited" world, being able to swim, etc...)   * A general comment: this game is supposed to be like Minecraft / Terraria - Its is NOT supposed to be unique, only testing my skills *   As I said, this game was made with Java, without the help of any external libraries.   Any comments / suggestions will be lovely read!  
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