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  1. If I want to become an app developer/game developer, should I attend school? Did you attend school to get into this profession? What are your thoughts on this?
  2. Online Shooter with a twist

    This is pretty sweet, did you work on it full time or part time? What game engine?   Keep it up!
  3. How to get good fast?

    Wow, awesome responses here. I am definitely going to peruse what is here, thanks everyone :) Such a great community!
  4. How to get good fast?

    Hi, I am interested in what you have to think about this. How do you get good at programming in an effective fashion? I want to learn C# and Unity.
  5. My goals! Programming trajectories.

    Thanks Josh Petrie for the very informative post. Sounds like a sound plan! C# and Unity!
  6. My goals! Programming trajectories.

     I was under the impression that CE3 was available for only 20% of the particular game developer's revenues! I suppose Unity is what you pretty much only need, although I would definitely enjoy seeing it become as robust as CE3 in terms of general capability (I don't know anything about engines,but unity hasn't supported a game like crysis, as far as I know.)   This really simplified things for me, so thank you.   Do you have any other tips/resources apprpriate for a beginner?
  7.  I am new to programming pretty much, some of my goals are: To make eventually a FPS in crysis, that perhaps being long off, I'd like to develop some programming skills before that. So where do you recommend me start? is starting with several 2d projects a good idea? What engine is most suitable for this?   I guess a possible plan would be: 1. C# and unity (Make several games.) 2. learn Lua for Cry engine.    Should I learn more languages?     Tell me what you think of my plans. Any tips will also be appreciated.       Thanks     P.S how do you make your own game engine? what is commonly used for this?