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  1. Thanks for the feedback.   Players will control the units of a colony of ants in traditional RTS fashion. I plan on having several basic attacks units can do in game (bite, cling, sever, pin) as well as a stinging with venom or acid spray from the abdomen. Players will be able to customize their species to try and benefit from the environment they live in as well as take advantage of other players around them.
  2. [FREE] OBAMA Hates Rain

    That's awesome
  3. Hello all! I am new to these forums and thought I would introduce myself by sharing my project with you. I have been working on the art and design for a while now although I have not yet teamed up with a programmer. I will happily take any feedback or criticism on the art and visual style.   Thanks!
  4. 2 RTS vs 3d RTS

    Having a fixed camera angle also helps players keep track of action and gameplay elements on screen. It may seem like rotating cameras would add to immersion and the overall gameplay experience but often times it just complicates the experience. It is only a matter of opinion and personal taste however.